10 Awesome Car Features Your Next Ride Needs to Have

In the market for a new car? Not sure what you want? Check out this list of 10 awesome car features your next ride needs to have!

Do you plan to get a new car with smart upgrades this year? Do you want to invest in cars with features that’ll help with many modern problems?

For five consecutive years, automakers have sold over 17 million vehicles in the US. This year, we’re likely going to see a dramatic drop in auto sales thanks to the coronavirus crisis. However, the progress with new cars continues despite the pandemic.

On the market, we see great new developments in newer car models. If you plan to buy a new car, it’s smart to start looking for vehicles with car features you want. In this guide, we’ll highlight the top ten car features you don’t want to miss out on when you buy your next car.

1. Automatic Emergency Braking

One of the scariest things every driver fears is to lose control of the brakes. It’s frightening because we hear many stories about cars crashing from brake issues.

The good news is that new vehicles today have automatic emergency braking systems.

Like you, newer car models now have their eyes on the road too. When a car sees that something is in its way, it activates the brakes without prompting. This can save lives, especially if the driver is busy or preoccupied with something else.

These automatic brake systems can detect pedestrians too. They may also try to reduce the force of an unavoidable impact. If you still want to get insurance for your vehicle, head to https://kalispellmontanainsurance.com/.

2. Automatic High Beams

We’re seeing more of the simple car features get automated, including high beams. Having automatic high beams is great for when you often go in and out of well-lit areas. For example, when your vehicle recognizes that you’re leaving the city, it’ll activate the high beams.

It doesn’t stop there. The car will also recognize when you’re passing an oncoming vehicle and dim the high beams. This feature will keep your night vision bright while keeping oncoming drivers safe.

Don’t have the habit of using your high beams when you need to? This will teach you to develop it. It’s a great safety feature that’s likely to become the norm in vehicles going forward.

3. Passive Entry

Let’s talk about a car feature of the future: passive entry. This is a feature in many new vehicle models that allow you to unlock your car only by walking to it. You don’t need to pull out your key fob to press a button on it or do anything else.

The vehicle itself will do the job of recognizing your key fob as you walk up to it. When you do a specific action, you can then open the door and get into your car. This may be as simple as pressing a button on the door or opening the handle.

This puts more pressure on car owners to be cautious and aware of the places they put their keys in. If you already practice good key-keeping habits, you’ll have no problem here.

4. Push Button Start for Easy Ignition

What feels better than keyless entry into your car? Here’s a hint: it’s starting the vehicle. New auto models on the market now present to you the push-button start.

You can forget about having to put a key into the ignition. Now, you can start your car much like how you start your PC. Don’t forget to put your foot on the brake before you push the start button, however.

The push-button start feature works well with the passive entry feature. Both give you the most convenience for car entry and use. For car owners who often leave their keys in bags or purses, this will be something to get used to.

5. Rear Cross-Traffic Warning

We’re less likely to have a clear sight of what’s going on when we’re driving in Reverse. It can be to get out of a parking spot or for making a three-point turn. You may also have experiences in crashing into something while in Reverse.

Car companies saw this problem and included a solution in their new car features. If you want this solution, buy a vehicle with the rear cross-traffic warning feature. The system notifies the driver about anything it detects in the rear-camera range.

It can be an approaching thing or an object that’s in the reversing car’s path. It helps to get cars that couple this feature with blind-spot monitoring. It’s great for cars that offer poor interior visibility.

6. Smart Cruise Control

Other manufacturers call it an adaptive cruise, radar cruise, or intelligent cruise control. No matter what name is getting used, it does the same thing. It sets the cruise control according to the speed of the car in front of it.

It’s a feature meant to help lessen the driver’s fatigue, but not replace road alertness and observation. One of the most worrisome things you can do is to keep adjusting your cruise control. With the new smart cruise control feature, you don’t need to bother with it so much.

Distracted driving, drunk driving, and reckless driving are top causes for most car accidents. Even in congested traffic situations, distracted driving can cause harmless bumps. With smart cruise control, the chances of a distracted driver bumping the car in front of him get reduced.

Note that distracted driving, in any case, is never something you should do. Also, smart cruise control is not an autonomous system. You still need to pay attention to the road in front of you.

7. Outlets for Fast USB Charging

Today, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a person around you who doesn’t use a gadget. Almost everyone today uses a gadget, be it a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. When you’re going out, you won’t always find any or compatible charging outlets for these gadgets.

The features of new cars now hold a ton of USB charging outlets. This way, you can plug in your smartphone and laptop for a quick charge while you’re on the road. By the time you reach your destination, your devices are ready for use.

Note that not all USB outlets have fast-charging outlets. The typical USB outlet in a car is 0.5 amperage, which gives phones a slow charge. However, you need not worry about new cars because they offer fast-charging outlets.

8. 360-Degree Surround-View Camera Systems

One of the best things to have in your car features checklist is the 360-degree camera. With it, you get a view of all four sides of your vehicle and more. It’ll even give you a bird’s-eye view of your car.

This will help drivers who aren’t that good at visualizing their surroundings. It’s perfect for squeezing into tight parking spots and crannies. Right now, you can get these systems as an upgrade for your current vehicle.

9. Power Driver’s Seat With Adjustable Lumbar Support

Going on long trips can be a source of relaxation for many people. It can be meditational too, especially when it’s only you and the road that you need to worry about. However, sitting for long periods isn’t always a good thing.

Ever since 1950, Americans have had to work in more sedentary jobs. This change of lifestyle can give you a lot of problems like osteoporosis or faster aging. Having this type of pain can put more stress on you than help you relax.

It’s a good thing new cars now come with adjustable lumbar support. These power seats will help drivers find the most comfortable position for them. It’s great for those who often go on long-distance trips.

10. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

The last spot for the awesome car features you want to have goes to an entertainment tool with great functions. This is the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay feature. You don’t only get an awesome interactive screen, you also have great entertainment. Explore your wireless carplay choices right here.

With the Android or Apple feature, you can talk to your smartphone in your car without touching it. It’ll do things like send voice-to-text messages, make phone calls, and play music. You can even bring up navigation apps or the map.

You don’t have to get distracted by the task of having to pick up your phone to do things with it. You only need to plug the phone in before you drive. Some newer car models offer wireless CarPlay, too, for easier access.

Get Your Dream Car With the Best Car Features!

We hope we were able to give you an idea about the capabilities of the new auto models. These car features are sure to help improve your driving experience. We hope you enjoyed reading this guide on the top 10 awesome car features to consider for your next car.

Now you know the various new car features in the various car models on the market.

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