10 Fun Car Facts to Think About on Your Way to Your Next Date

Picture this: it’s your first night taking a new girl out. Maybe she’s a blind date your friend set you up with, or perhaps she’s one of the many women you’ve met online using dating websites. It doesn’t really matter where you met her; what matters is that this is the first time she’ll see you driving something. And first impressions matter.

Sure, you could pull up in a van like some creepy guy, or maybe impress her with your “sick” sounding Honda Civic, but realistically, you drive what you drive, and you hope it’ll be enough to win her over. Well, while you’re on the way to pick her up and thinking about the model you “should’ve” bought, here are ten fun facts about cars to lighten your spirits!

1. The world’s first speeding ticket was issued in 1896

Clocking in at an impressive speed of 8 miles per hour, Walter Arnold became the first man in the world to be issued a speeding ticket after a constable chased him over five miles on a bicycle and fined him a shilling for going four times the posted speed limit! Fast-forward to nowadays, where most police officers will let you go eight miles over the speed limit before even considering pulling you over. Oh, how times have changed!

2. Picnic tables used to be standard equipment for the Honda CR-V.

If you’re in the market for an SUV, you’ll definitely also want a picnic table. At least, that’s what Honda thought! Although not particularly durable, they might have been useful in some situations. From 1997 up to 2006, every CR-V sold came with a compact, foldable picnic table that was stored in the cargo area. Want your own to have a picnic with your special someone you met (or planning to meet) at plus size dating websites? Simply jump online and head over to eBay—they’re still being resold to this day!

3. Cruise control was invented by a blind man

Rumor has it that Ralph Teetor was inspired to invent cruise control after being the frequent victim of his lead-footed attorney’s lurchy driving style. Although this remains unconfirmed, there is one fact that can’t be debated: Ralph Teetor was completely blind!

4. Only 74% of Americans Know How to Change a Tire

If this number seems low, it’s actually an improvement over the survey results of recent years. In the latest survey conducted by Cooper Tires, 81% of Americans surveyed said that they had experienced a flat tire in the past, but only 74% of them were able to change a tire! If you find yourself in this unlucky 16%, feel free to catch up on your car knowledge with this helpful how-to guide!

5. Commuters waste over 40 hours a year being stuck in traffic.

No one likes being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, but have you actually thought of how much that time adds up? According to a data company named Inrix, the average commuter in America spends around 42 hours a year stuck in traffic, which costs them around $1,400 in gas.

6. If you drive a 90’s Honda Accord, someone will eventually try to steal it.

The Honda Accord routinely comes in first place for being the most commonly stolen car in America. Apparently, their durability and resale value do something special for car thieves since they keep coming back year after year to try and steal these aging models. Be warned: Accord owners aren’t the only ones who need to stay on the lookout. Stealing Civics is quite popular as well!

7. In South Africa, you can prevent carjacking by using your BMW’s onboard flamethrower.

Unfortunately, auto theft is a pretty big issue in South Africa, but you can easily protect yourself if you opt for the right BMW. Although the high cost ultimately led to a limited number of units being sold, for the right price, you could have your BMW equipped with the “Blaster,” a switch-operated flamethrower for on-demand fiery protection.

8.  With a little bit of patience, it’s fairly easy to disable someone’s FOB car key.

In the unlikely event that you happen to press the unlock button on your wireless car key 256 times while out of range of your car, you’ll be happy to know that your key will still work once you return to your vehicle. However, if someone’s getting on your nerves, you can simply knick their car key and press the button 257 times while out of range, rendering it completely useless!

9. You’ll need a Bugatti if you want to outrun the Dubai police 

The fastest car on the Dubai fleet is a Bugatti Veyron, capable of pursuing vehicles at speeds of up to 253 miles per hour. Your average everyday commuter won’t stand a chance against this exotic supercar, so you’ll need to start considering other options. Fortunately, you can easily outrun the police for only $3.9 million by purchasing a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, which tops out at speeds of up to 304 MPH.

10. Want to prevent your car from being stolen? Buy a stick shift!  

Currently, only 18% of Americans are able to drive a stick shift (and this number decreases every year). Having a manual car will work in your favor because not only can you show off your driving skills to your lady friend, but also because you can feel confident no one nearby is skilled enough to even drive your car (let alone steal it).

Many men spend hours worrying about the impression their choice of vehicle makes on the opposite sex when in reality, most women just don’t care! As long as it’s comfortable and not too flashy, you can be fairly certain she’ll be focused on you and not the ride you picked her up in. Dating is already stressful enough without worrying about material objects, so just don’t! Instead, focus on having a good time, getting to know each other, and keeping the conversation alive.

Look on the bright side—if the conversation falls flat, you’ll always have these ten fun car facts to rely on for some light-hearted small talk!

Happy dating!