10 Most Inspiring ‘Star Wars’ Cars in 2022


Star Wars is not just a fictitious franchise, it’s a feeling, a religion, and for many, a lifestyle. The Star Wars has been around for quite some decades and it has sparked joy in our lives for its gorgeous cosmic energy. The science fiction fans across the world get inspired and try to invent technologies that are more or less utilizing the same concepts.

If you watch the Star Wars movies in chronological order, you will not only see how human imagination and hunger to advance increases. You could be a seasoned fan who grew up watching the entire series or a new-age kid who just discovered the movies on a streaming platform. Once you’re touched by the glorious cosmic powers of the franchise, you’re destined to be obsessed with the Star Wars inspired cars.

And with that, your quest to find those cars on Earth would continue, leading you to this article. And make no mistake, there’s no better fangirl or fanboy who can come close to the level of obsession a Star Wars fan possesses.

When the movies release, it’s an event which over the years has turned into a cultural movement. The series has a bunch of spin off movies that simply add to the excitement of fans.

And so it goes without saying that fans of the series, across the globe, are in their own way paying their tribute to the incredible, life-changing franchise. Most motor brands like Nissan and Hot Wheels have even created cars that pay homage to the masterpiece.

And so, we’re not going to waste any more time telling you about the impact of Star Wars, but rather, show you how evident it is in the cars produced today. Here are some of the best Star Wars inspired cars to ever land on Earth.

1. The Darth Vader Car By Hot Wheels

If you are ready to join the dark side, it better be in style. When you’re traveling for hours and you know that your day is going to be long, you need to find yourself this beauty. The Hot Wheels created this Darth Vader-inspired four wheeler back in 2014.

If you look at the features, you’ll find that there is a Corvette C5 platform along with an engine that makes 526 horsepower and a 6.2-litre. The rear wheels are pushed through the six-speed transmission done completely manually.

Obviously, this is a nuclear model and has a roof that resembles the helmet of Darth Vader. You can also see rocker panels along with red lights, and the noise of the grille is literally the best reminding you of Luke.

2. A Hyundai Veloster Inspired by Ivor Fett

For the Hyundai Veloster, Rebekah Stieg has gained inspiration from Planet Kamino that looks like a rat rod. And if you’re a muggle, you must know that it is actually a bounty hunter and a place where Mandalorian people come from.

Rebekah Knuth named the car Ivor Fett and has worked hard by using a software that has helped shape her vision into reality. It’s even got a seat at the back of the car for baby Yoda, and that truly looks adorable. Obviously, not as adorable as Baby Yoda.

3. Golf Cart Turned Land Speeder

This was a project that was completely sponsored by eBay. So now, eBay didn’t just give you action figures and toys inspired by Star Wars and its famous characters. Or let us rephrase it, it gave you toys for the adults that were inspired by Star Wars to bring joy into their mundane and dull life. How did you, once upon a time, get it? Simply by ordering a Death Star.

4. Nissan’s Very Own X-Wing Starfighter

We mentioned this earlier only so slightly. But did you know that Nissan collaborated with Star Wars back in 2017? This collaboration was major and used to promote Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The company created 7 cars that were inspired by the movie and they were all displayed at an event at the LA Auto Show.

It was the designers at Lucasfilm who worked on the sketches and fleshed out designs for the brand. Every car was literally used to describe a character in the series. Hence, they used colors, features and textures to elaborate their magnificence.

5. That Time Boba Fett Got An Audi R8

With everything going on and so many automobile and motor companies being named dropped above and linked to Star Wars, it comes as no surprise that Audi has made the list. Just look at this lavish tinted car. It honestly looks like a batmobile that was driven by a joker, if you know what we mean. But yeah, an iconic entry to the list.

6. Celica Toyota Is A Star Wars Mystery Mobile Reimagined

Do you remember the Star Wars poster that was airbrushed on the 1977 Celica’s hood? Toyota really did a number on itself by pulling that stunt. And it comes as no surprise that the mystery is neither solved nor anywhere close to being found.

But there were signs of it coming back in 2011 when Hemmings posted a PSA and asked the public for some help in tracking down where it went. Like, seriously. Nobody knows where it is and the only time we thought we might find it back, we were proven wrong. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle – a mystery unresolved and sucked out of the planet.

7. Garage Italia’s Take on The Fiat 500e Stormtrooper

Talking about Stormtrooper, here is another one by Garage Italia. Unlike the one made by Hot Wheels for the public in Manhattan, this one was spunky and felt perfect for the army. Looking like a fighter ship, this one had an interior that was completely inspired by Star Wars. You can see the windscreen for that.

8. The Fiat 500e

It seems like Nissan is totally obsessed with the Star Wars franchise, and you know what? We can’t complain because so are we. Here is another one that is inspired by the First Order Stormtroopers. It has two colors but the interior is completely white. It looks classy, flashy, and “star-trekked” at the same time.

9. Stormtrooper Dodge Challenger Taken by Hot Wheels

If you are one of the nerdy fans of the franchise, you would remember that in 2015, the commuters in Manhattan had the opportunity to ride in Hot Wheels Stormtrooper Dodge Challengers, which also included the one Stormtrooper Hellcat.

Again, it was one of the promotional tactics to bring awareness to the die-cast toys that were released just on time with the Star Wars movie released that year. The window of the vehicle was tinted and it had a custom wrapping of white and black stormtrooper.

10. TITAN AT-M6 By Nissan

Nissan has teamed up with Star Wars quite a few times in the past. Remember the time it came out with the Nissan Titan AT-M6? What a beauty it was! It was literally the First Order that had a customized wrap along with a 12-inch long lift kit and even an 18-inch long bed mounted subwoofer.

The sound effect made the vehicle simply more spectacular. So if you’re looking for a cybertruck to fulfill your fantasy and Star Wars dreams, this is the one.

In Conclusion

As a fan of Star Wars, you’re probably drooling over these vehicles mentioned above. But since most of us can’t afford this luxury, how about you go ahead and watch all the Star Wars movies in chronological order? Enjoy!

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