10 Safe US Cities To Consider When Moving


Safety and security are generally the top priorities that come to mind when selecting a place, you can call home. Luckily, in the ever-connected milieu we live in today, crime statistics and city information can be obtained easily before you move. We have compiled a list of the nine safest cities in America that you can consider as your new home. 

Nine Safest Cities To Consider When Contemplating A Move

1. Columbia, MD

Columbia, MD was ranked as the safest city overall in America by WalletHub. This city has also taken the third spot when it comes to community and home safety. The Washington, DC and Maryland city suburb provides families with various amenities, good schools and great quality of life. 

2. Nashua, NH

Nashua, NH was ranked as the eight safest city overall in the country and took the 16th spot as the safest community and home. This Southern New Hampshire town is renowned for its 325-acre park, Mine Falls Park and the city was also chosen as the best place overall to live in New Hampshire by Money Magazine. 

3. Warwick, RI

Gaining the tenth safest city in America spot is Warwick as well as the 20th spot for safety when it comes to community and home. It falls in the 22nd place for Natural disaster risk and this coastal city has various outdoor recreational facilities, an eclectic dining view and stunning beaches. 

4. Richmond, VA

It’s well worth it to hire movers Richmond VA to move to this US city. Richmond is safer than thirty percent of cities overall in the United States. You have a mere one in twenty-three chance of being a victim in any crime. This city is known for its spectacular views, the rich history, the James river, local cuisine and it’s expanding job market. 

5. Yonkers, NY

Yonkers is the second safest city in America overall and is located in the Hudson River. It is among the largest cities in the State of New York. It takes the first place for community and home safety, ranked by WalletHub. With numerous nearby amenities and easy access to NY city, this city is a favored spot for professionals and families alike. 

6. Gilbert, AZ

Ranked the fourth safest city in the US overall and taking seventh place for community and home safety, Gilbert is a great place for families and young business professionals with plenty to do. The city features many parks, unique restaurants and bike trails. 

7. Bismarck, ND

Ranked the seventh safest city in US overall, this North Dakota state capital takes ninth place for financial safety. Families and students alike have loads of things that they will like about Bismarck, including state parks, nature trails and schools. 

8. Virginia Beach, VA

Ranked eleventh for Community and home safety and taking sixth place for safest cities in America, according to WalletHub, this coastal city in Virginia Beach is among the best places for young professionals and families to make their home. 

9. Plano, TX

Besides being named third safest city in the US, Plano takes second place for community and home safety. This Dallas suburb provides a welcoming and safe place for families who have school-age children and remains a favorable city that tops the “best of” places to stay lists. 

10. South Burlington, VT

Ranked overall the fifth safest city in the US, South Burlington comes third when it comes to financial safety. This Vermont city provides to quality private schools and loads of things to do for families, including relaxation on Lake Champlain.

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