10 Things To Do On Your Smartphone While on a Road Trip


A road trip is arguably one of the most fun events that you may experience in life, but it is not always an exciting adventure. There will be instances where you may get bored inside the car or RV, mainly because one of the only few things that you can do there is to wait for the vehicle to reach its destination. Thankfully, you can use your smartphone as a way to pass the time, although there are some who might have no idea what to do with the device. Here are ten things that you can do to maximize the fun you are going to be having on the road trip while using a smartphone.

Look for Tourist Spots in Your Destination

The best use for your smartphone during the road trip is to search for popular tourist spots in the area that you will be visiting. By looking for tourist spots, you will already have an idea of where to go before the car or RV gets there. There are dozens of great trip advisor websites that you can visit on the internet, although you may need to have a stable connection in order to visit these websites.

Search for Places to Eat

There may be a high chance that you and your road trip buddies will get hungry once you reach your destination, and one of the best ways for you to get some grub in the area is to look for restaurants or canteens that serve the best food according to reviewers online. Like trip advisor websites, there are also many restaurant review websites that you go to online, and from there, you can find reviews of restaurants located in the area you are visiting.

Listen to Music

A good way to pass the time in the car is to listen to your favorite songs or musical pieces. You may download the songs you like directly to your phone at home, or you can subscribe to music streaming platforms like Spotify so that you have unlimited access not only to your favorite songs but also to the ones that are unfamiliar to you.

Use a GPS App to Find Out Where You Are

Use a GPS App to Find Out Where You Are

If you are adventurous, you can check out a GPS app like Waze to see where you are exactly while the RV or car is moving. By looking at your location, you may be able to find some tourist spots that are not included in you and your road buddies’ itinerary. In addition, the GPS app also allows you to see the traffic situation on the road that the vehicle will pass through. So, if there is heavy traffic on a specific road, the app will suggest other routes if there are any so that you will be able to get to your destination faster.

Write a Blog Post

If you like writing, you can write a blog post on any of your social media accounts to document the road trip. It can be a simple blog post that contains 100 words or less, or it can also be filled with photos of you and your road buddies as you enjoy your time inside the RV or car. On the other hand, you can also record a vlog detailing the events happening during the road trip and upload it on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Read Digital Books

Like listening to music, reading books is also a fun way for you to enjoy your free time during the road trip. But to make reading more convenient, you should use your smartphone as a mini e-book reader so that you can read digital books that can be downloaded online. The benefit of having digital books rather than physical ones is that you don’t have to bring multiple physical books if you are a fast reader, and the digital ones can also be read at night without the use of lampshades since the smartphone already has built-in lights.

Visit a Casino Online

For those who love playing at casinos, there is a way to enjoy casino games without actually visiting a real-life casino during the road trip, and that is by going to an online casino website using smartphones. If you are one of these casino enthusiasts, you can easily visit a popular casino website online and start playing casino games like poker and slot machines after creating an account. There are so many great casino websites that you can find online, with one of them being Grande Vegas casino bonuses, and it is up to you to choose which website has suitable games for your playstyle.

Find a Place to Stay

If you haven’t already booked hotel rooms before going on a road trip, booking one using your smartphone is a good idea. By visiting hotel booking websites, you will have a faster and easier time finding hotels located in your destination. Furthermore, you will also have the chance to compare prices for every hotel in the area and see which ones are the best or the cheapest.  Once your settled in be sure to check out https://s-bobet.com for a great time.

Play Video Games

Play Video Games

Smartphones act like portable game consoles nowadays because of its sufficient power to launch or play HD video games. You can easily look for a video game to play by visiting your smartphone’s app store, and from there, you will find hundreds or even thousands of great games. However, since most of the best games for smartphones take a long time to download, be sure to download them at home before going on a road trip.

Talk to Loved Ones

There are road trips where some of your loved ones are not included, and if you miss them during the trip, you may want to contact them by using your smartphone and social media apps like Messenger or FaceTime. Talking to them not only passes the time on the road trip, but it also builds the bond between you and your closest friends or family members. Who knows, they might come with you on your next road trip.

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