10 Things to Know When Renting a Luxury Car in Dubai

From organic to inorganic places, Dubai has all these. The luxurious land full of grandeur attracts tourists every year. The large buildings, the zoos, and the deserts are all found in one city, so it is a package to discover and explore Dubai. 

So the best way to cruise around the city of gold is to contact Luxury Car Rental Dubai. You will get all the handy information that can be enough to decide on a luxury car for your trip. 

Looking For The Best Luxury Car Rental In Dubai

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All You Need To Know Before Renting A Luxury Car In Dubai


We are making a list of the top 10 things you need to know so the process of selecting a luxury car for the Dubai tour will be easy. 

Vehicle Selection

The most important thing to consider for renting a luxury car in Dubai is the vehicle selection. Rental companies have all varieties and models, but you must select according to your need and budget; if you are with family, the large SUV can be a better option for you to accommodate 7 to 8 persons. In other cases, if you are on a business trip or solo travel, a luxury compact car will suit you as it will help upgrade your social profile and be in your range. 


The next need is to complete documentation before reaching luxury car rental in Dubai. These documents will make the renting process easy and smooth. These documents are different for residents and visitors.

For residents, the following documents are a requirement:

An Emirates identity card 

A valid UAE driving license 

For visitors who want a car rental in Dubai, the following documents are a requirement:

A duly stamped visa 

An international driving permit 

A valid driving license from your country 

A passport 


Moving next, the other thing one needs to know for luxury car hire in Dubai is insurance.

Every rental company has insurance terms and conditions, so they don’t compromise. But the insurance terms and conditions are not unified, so better to read the whole document as the age limit, prices, and coverages are different from company to company.

Details Of Tolls And Parking Charges

The another thing before renting a luxury car in Dubai is to know who will pay the toll plazas. And what companies have in their terms and conditions about toll plazas and parking. Some companies mentioned in the contract that they will pay toll plazas as they transact the amount from your card, and some don’t. And as far as its parking is concerned, it must be paid for by the person who hires a car. It will be paid at the spot where you will park your vehicle. 

Unmentioned And Hidden Charges

Some rental companies have unmentioned and hidden charges, but most of the time, everything is clear. It is better to read and clear everything before renting a car to avoid haphazardness. 

Driving Rules

The next thing you must know is how to drive in Dubai. As Dubai has strict traffic and driving laws, and if you rent a luxury car in Dubai without a chauffeur, you must know all the rules and regulations. Otherwise, you can be in more serious difficulty. 

Fuel Policy

To avoid the catches, keep in mind the fuel policy of rental companies before hiring a luxury car. Some companies offer a premium package that provides the luxury car with a full fuel tank, and you have to fill it at the same time when returning. So note down the fuel meter reading first. 

Details Of Security Deposits

This is serious and important point before renting a luxury car, which is the security deposit you need to pay before getting your luxury car. Road tolls and traffic fines are not included in the deposit. 

Age Limit

Dubai does not allow you to drive or rent a car if you are underage. So one must be 21 plus to renting or hire a luxury car. 

Chauffeur Service

The final thing is to check if the selected best luxury car rental Dubai offers the vehicle with a chauffeur, as in many  cases, you need a driver. Or maybe you are new in Dubai, so that driving will be difficult.