10 Ways You Are Messing Up Your Kitchen

If you cook your meals, the kitchen may be the busiest room in your house. It is not surprising that it can also be the messiest place in your house too. Always make sure you keep your kitchen clean to protect yourself from safety and health hazards. Here are 10 ways you are messing up your kitchen. Also, if you’re based in Sarasota, get the best dumpster rental sarasota here.

Rowdy Countertop

One way you are messing up your kitchen is when you have different things all on your kitchen countertop. Your counter may be packed with jars, appliances, etc from end to end. Only bring out the things you use daily and the ones you do not use often should be kept in the store.

Not Taking Out Trash

This is a very obvious way you are messing up your kitchen. When you leave your trash in the kitchen, it starts to smell and ruins the atmosphere in your home. This can even promote the growth of bacteria in your kitchen.


Another way you are messing up your kitchen is when you do not take care of spills as soon as they happen or as soon as you possibly can. Getting rid of spills will prevent them from sticking or hardening to the surface. Better still, put a paper towel on your countertop to clean spills.

Messy Sink

Leaving your sink messy is another way you are messing up your kitchen. Always make sure all the dirty water in your sink is completely drained. If you notice your sink may be clogged, call a professional plumber to have a look at it.

Not Scraping Dirty Dishes

Whether you are using a dishwasher or washing in your sink with your hands, you should make sure the leftovers in your dishes are scraped clean. Dishes with leftover food can clog your dishwasher’s plumbing system and also promote the growth of bacteria.

Sweeping And Mopping Your Floors

Another way you know you are messing up your kitchen is when you do not sweep and mop your floors often. At least once a week, sweep and clean out the dust and dirt in your kitchen. Also, dip your mop in hot soapy water and clean the floor.

Clean Out Your Fridge

You should always make sure you pay close attention to your fridge. Always check for spoiled food and throw it out immediately. Remove all food items and clean out the fridge with hot soapy water.

Replace Or Change Your Sponge

Always make sure that you replace or change your sponge often. Get a new sponge or boil the old one for about 5 minutes to make sure all the bacteria are killed off.

Jar Your Ingredients

When your cooking ingredients are not properly taken care of, it can make your kitchen look messy. Food items like salt, sugar, or milk can be kept in jar containers. You can label them to find them easily and save you time.

Clean Out Your Microwave

This is another way you know you are messing up your kitchen is when inside your microwave looks dirty and scary. You can easily clean out the mold by microwaving a bowl of water that has lemon slices, baking soda, and vinegar at a high level for about 5 minutes. Next, clean it out with a sponge.