11 Best Car Theft Prevention Devices on the Market


In 2019 alone, about $6.4 billion was lost due to motor vehicle theft. The average loss per theft is about $8,886.

Knowing these startling stats will make any person want to invest in car theft prevention devices. Which are best and will protect your vehicle? Read this article about the best car theft prevention devices on the market today and say goodbye to auto theft!

1. Steering Wheel Lock

You can click for more and see various different car theft prevention devices. One of the best options is a steering wheel lock. These are actually some of the best-known car theft avoiders today.

First, you’ll have a lock go across the steering wheel horizontally before attaching it to the wheel. On one side you’ll find that the lock extends further.

Another option is where it attaches to the top of the wheel. The end extends over the front dash to stop the wheel from turning.

2. Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are one of the best car theft prevention devices since it’s a camera. Keep in mind that cameras can be a more expensive option and they might not give you a real-time picture.

That’s where baby monitors come in. They’re a more affordable option. Baby monitors can also run off of your vehicle’s power supply.

3. Electronic Tracking System

Use a GPS system since it’ll allow you to keep track of your car. Many of them will only have a monthly subscription in order to use them.

4. Hidden Kill Switch

A hidden kill switch will stop electricity at the ignition switch. This stops thieves from being able to drive off with your car.

Many kill switches are inexpensive. You might need an auto technician or mechanic to install it for you.

5. Alarms

Have an alarm system that’ll go off and vibrate to scare off thieves. Since it’ll grab the attention of others around, they’ll more likely to leave your car alone.

6. Car Lock

One of the best theft prevention devices for cars is a car lock. You can buy an alarm system that also sends you notifications about your car.

Some of them are so smart that they’ll give the driver a monthly score. This way it’ll know who is driving the car when. It’s also a great way to stop your kid from driving off with your car!

7. Security Tire Clamp

It wraps around your wheel in order to prevent thefts. It can work with scooters, cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Many of them come with 2 keys and you don’t have to install them. Since they’re red and yellow, people can see them from afar as well.

8. Wireless Alarm

While you can have an alarm, consider a wireless option with a loud alarm. This will make your car shake and vibrate which will deter thieves.

It also won’t stop until you press the button. People use it on scooters, cars, and motorcycles.

9. Vehicle Tilt

Another option is a vehicle tilt sensor. They’ll give an alert if your car windows are broken.

If someone moves your car at all, it’ll go off as well. The good news is that these are affordable. A glass break sensor is a good idea as well.

10. Remote Lock

Remote locks are a great way to keep thieves at bay. Thieves enjoy unlocked cars more.

If you walk away from your car and forget to lock it, you can lock it right from your smartphone. Remote locks are a more expensive option than the others.

11. Smart Keys

Smart keys have a radio pulse generator that has communication with the antennas. They can unlock or lock your car from them.

Since they don’t send the same frequency each time, they’re a great theft deterrent. They often come on newer cars. You can install them if you’re good with cars, or have a professional install them.

Is Theft Covered Under Car Insurance?

Car insurance doesn’t always cover theft. If you have comprehensive coverage, then it might be covered.

Comprehensive coverage is normally optional for most until the vehicle is financed. If you choose not to have this, then you might not receive coverage.

Comprehensive coverage doesn’t cover the personal property inside of a vehicle that’s stolen. Instead, check with your homeowners or renters insurance to see what’ll be covered.

If the items are worth less than the deductible, then it’s not worth it to file. Some insurance companies will offer you a discount if you have certain anti-theft items in your vehicle.

Choosing Anti-Theft Devices

First, take a look at the size of each anti-theft device that you’re considering. You don’t want a steering wheel lock that’s too large or small for your vehicle.

Next, you’ll want to think about their security. Think about some of the best tracking devices that offer extra protection. Keep in mind that no matter what you choose, it won’t be 100%.

Think about convenience as well. If you’re fine with installing and uninstalling your wheel lock every time you exit and enter your car then that’s up to you. Think about their durability as well.

Exploring Different Car Theft Prevention Devices

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the different car theft prevention devices out there. Take your time looking at your different options and deciding which is best for you.

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