11 Creative And Cool Ways To Promote Your Race Team


Do you have a business plan but a little low on your budget? Does the term ‘marketing budget’ make you break a sweat while sending chills down your spine. Do not worry. There are many ways available for you to foster the race team without having to spend a dime. Outlined here are 11 available strategies that are applicable to all race promoters, regardless if money is or is not invested in the market plan.

Utilize email databases.

We believe you have compilations of emails being stored. These addresses could include partakers in your previous events, friends, and past business associates. If so, inform them about it. Also, invite them to join you in the amusement.

Be sure to send them emails announcing your engagements. Don’t forget to include a link for their registration.

Select the appropriate market channels

Prioritizing suitable marketing channels enables you to spend a valuable market budget that aims at results that could provide you with a bigger ROI. It could be email, hired social media, event finding websites, and retargeting. What’s important is that you understand what gives you the best results.

By studying your event data, you can discover channels that are more beneficial to your event. Start by using your web analytics through Google analytics to discover marketing channels that helped drive traffic to your previous event’s signup page. Pay attention particularly to the list of traffic domains and take note of those that had the most registrations.

Go social.

Details concerning your event should be distributed across all your social media platforms–Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Ensure you include links to the signup page of your event.

In Instagram, you would want to put the links on your bio and include directives like “Click on the link below to register.” For more motivation and insights, visit the top-rated Australian race promoters’ Facebook pages and get your race team promoted.

Revamp your signature.

Often overlooked, but adding your link to email signatures could help make a huge impact. Note that the simpler it is for people to sign up or get access to your page, the more likely they are going to register with you. Hence, do not forget to include reminders for people to register.

Go live on Facebook.

Videos are visually engaging, while live contents are more interesting. With Facebook Live, you have an opportunity to flawlessly advertise your event. It could be used to display the elegance of your program and also answer common questions regarding your race. It could also help you have an interview with pro athletes and help share tips and much other useful information.

Motivate your group

Recall some valuable local ambassadors in your previous events or those who are ready to be involved in your next event. Request them to assist in promoting your race on their social media pages.

As a kind gesture of appreciation, you could offer them a discount on their race entries. With an increasing number of new signups, you should improve the value of such incentives.

Utilize your sponsors’ networks

Request your sponsors to promote your event on their social media platforms. They are often happy to help since they are also interested in ensuring your success.

Compensate runners with coupons for the race next year

When it comes to effective promotional modalities, emails are top-notch; people will continue to receive emails regardless.

Provide runners with limited-time discount offers. For your first race, partnering with other local biking or running shops could help them with their client list.

Revive attention by retargeting

In cases where interested regular event attendees visit your page, but fail to complete their registration, you are required to invite them back. This is referred to as “retargeting” as it helps you promote your event further to potential participants that could earn you a “buy.”

You will need to be more straight-forward when showing ads to individuals who are familiar with your event. This ensures you don’t bore them with details they already know. However, do not resist creating a sense of urgency, such as telling them about the registration’s closing date. Create the buzz for the attendees by letting them know what’s new for them this time.

Enhance your post-race services

At the conclusion of a race, most participants say 86% are likely to stick around. By offering participants a pleasing meal or libation, the participant will have something to chat about. Although what to offer is quite subjective.

A survey carried out by a famous organization in 2020, it was discovered that out of 1,900 attendees of a race event, 12% preferred something sweet and 42% wanted something tasty. 40% of participants were ready to eat anything available and a small 7.5% preferred junk food. When it came to drinks, a huge 72% of the participants craved beer, 14% wanted cocktails, 10% of participants desired wine, and just 4% wanted alcohol.

Crew Marquees

Marquees provide an exceptional presence on the race day. The teams are required to bring them to the event as they could help develop a coloured theme for the event. Also, you may get the names and logos of sponsors printed on your customized marquee to appreciate their contribution to promoting your race team.

Printed marquees help give a personalized background. Let your creativity flow while preparing the design and colour scheme for your marquee but remember that vector graphics are needed for printed marquees. Your marquees should have your logo or slogan and any other graphic printed on them.

The plan for your race event

Try to appreciate these promotional ideas and implement them according to what your event may demand. Your event is special, which is the reason you need to stimulate early interest and sustain the tempo up until your last enrolment is sold out.

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