11 Ways A Locksmith Can Help You


Perhaps, the only downside in having locks that are tough to crack, is when you’re locked out of the car or the house. These are two of the most distressing things that could happen to a person. With no spare key, an emergency call to your trusted locksmith is the only choice.

Your trusted locksmith may be your superhero when you’re locked out of your property, but there are other things that they can help you out with. Here’s a rundown of those things:

Auto Locksmiths

Vehicle and auto locksmiths are specialists who focus on duplicating, repairing and replacing car locks and keys. In some cases, they can help you reprogram your vehicle remote keys. The guys at locksmiths hollywood FL have different tools and strategies to solve most problems.

  1. Unlocking Cars: If you want to get back to your vehicle when you’re locked out and left the car keys in the ignition, call a car locksmith to solve the problem and get back inside your vehicle once again. Depending on the make and model of your car, it may take a few minutes or hours before you can get back on the road and steer your car in the right direction.
  2. Duplicating Your Car Keys: As mentioned above, vehicles have different lock mechanisms and systems, from the simple to the most complicated. Auto locksmiths can work with cars with straightforward lock systems common in older cars, for instance, those that are not attached to a fob or an electrical piece. Copying your car keys this way is quite easy.

Cars with more complex lock systems are harder to work with, especially those with car keys attached to a fob. Before the remote keyless entry systems were developed   in vehicles in 1983, “key fob” was the term used in reference to small decorative items attached to a keychain. A remote keyless entry fob emits a distinct identity code that locks and unlocks the car doors with the mere push of a button.


locksmith opening car door with lockpicker

  1. Removing Broken Car Keys: Sometimes, when you’re too eager to start your car, you may apply greater force than needed, or turn your keys improperly. Often, your car keys may just snap due to normal wear. The problem with a broken car key is typically compounded when a portion of the key is left inside the ignition. This is definitely a complicated problem that requires the help of locksmith professionals such as j & l pacific lock & key. Locksmiths have special tools that can remove the broken key parts in the trickiest of places.
  2. (Re)Programming Your Car Keys: One of the advanced security features of a vehicle with transponder keys and keyless ignition fobs is that it won’t allow you to lock your car if the key is still inside your automobile. It may be an act of taking security to a higher level, but it also makes it extremely difficult to replace or duplicate your keys.

You have two options to work around this. First, you can request from your car dealer a duplicate transponder. You’d have to wait, however, before you can avail of this service. In addition, expect to be charged a hefty price for this service. Another option is to   contact your vehicle locksmith to reprogram your transponder key. Some expert locksmiths know more than just to reprogram your transponder key. They have the advanced tools and skills capable of making a new programmed key.

So, if you want to have an extra key or are locked out of your car with the transponder key inside, choose a locksmith who can, quite literally, unlock your problem.

Fixing or Replacing A Car Ignition: You may not be aware of it, but vehicle locksmiths can fix your car ignition. It’s also not limited to removing broken key parts stuck in the ignition. If your car keys are completely intact but your vehicle still won’t start, your ignition cylinder or the place where you insert your key into, may be the culprit. However, in some cases, your ignition system may need to be replaced.

Auto locksmiths can repair and replace car ignition but unlike when you’re locked out of your car, ignition repair and replacement may need more time, perhaps a few days, to complete the service.  Car ignitions are specific to brands and models, and it may take you days or even weeks to order the broken parts. However, a good locksmith will be  able to bypass your ignition system to help you temporarily use your vehicle until you reach home.      =

General Locksmiths

Humans have been using locks for thousands of years for security and protection. This principle has remained unchanged to this day. When you’re having problems with any of your locks, contact your trusted locksmith for your peace of mind.

  1. Cutting Your Keys: Locksmiths can cut any type of key to make or duplicate the ones that you have. Whether it’s for residential or office use, choose the services of a locksmith to have your garage door, cabinet, room, and other keys copied. There are two ways in which a locksmith can duplicate our keys; they either do it by hand or by machine. Some locksmiths have advanced tools that can work with even state-of-the-art security systems.
  2. Repairing Locks: Most high-quality locks survive normal wear and tear, and do not need replacement or services for several years. That is, until you’ll face common lock system issues such as difficulties latching locks, frozen locks, and broken keys with some parts stuck inside. Your locksmith can repair broken locks or replace them totally on the spot.

If you’ve just moved into a new house, it’s highly recommended to change all the locks in the house. For this, you need to contract a locksmith. From the toilet to the bedrooms, the garage to the attic, make sure you don’t leave any lock unreplaced. This is for you and your family’s own good. Aside from the doors, you can also have your window locks checked and replaced, too. Having your window locks replaced is another important security activity, especially   when considering burglaries.

  1. Supplying, Opening and Repairing Security Safes: If you want to reinforce the security and protection of your small-sized valuables, security safes and vaults are your best bet. Locksmiths can supply your safety vault needs by assessing the size and looking for the place where this safety boxes may be installed. When problems arise with these security safes, there’s no doubt that you’ll need a locksmith to have it either opened or repaired. Locksmiths can open either a dial lock or digitally-locked safe, and repair safes with simple and complex mechanisms.  Be sure to visit website to find great options for help.
  2. Installing Access Control Systems: Some locksmiths are accredited to assess, supply and install digital access control systems. Access control systems refer to the electronic systems designed to control an individual’s access through a network. For this to work, the individual should be an authorized person in the first place. It’s a lock system that uses passwords, cards, identification codes, and other methods, instead of using a physical lock.
  3. Emergency Services: Because lock problems typically happen during emergency situations, locksmiths are also quick to respond to distressing situations. Emergencies such as burglaries, vehicle and home lock-outs need to be addressed as soon as possible, especially when human lives are at stake. In some instances, problems may arise in the middle of the night, at ungodly hours. Trust your locksmith to keep you out of harm’s way, fast.

Forensic Locksmith

Crime scene investigation is a critical component in solving crimes. You may be quite familiar with how investigators work on a crime scene after watching your favorite forensic-themed television shows. However, there’s one small thing that even series fans may not know: there’s a position for a forensic locksmith and he (or she) may hold the key in putting the puzzles together. Technically, a forensic locksmith is not a regular part of the forensics team. Rather, they work as consultants who provide answers to critical questions or evidence that could help with the investigation.

  1. Solving crimes: Forensic locksmiths use scientific methods in closely studying and understanding how a certain lock system works. They’re ultimately responsible for supplying the answers to questions about how the lock was opened, bypassed, or in cases of electronic systems, disarmed.

These specially-skilled professionals have the basic expertise of a locksmith and an instinct of an investigator. A forensic locksmith employs several skills and methods to  arrive at a scientific conclusion such as: evidence collection and proper handling, metallurgy, tool mark identification, microscopic examination, among others. Forensic locksmiths can be hired to help with security information and insurance claims, as well.

Choosing the Right Locksmith

  • Do your homework: Panic and distress may cover your judgement in choosing the best locksmith. Take some time to search the internet and call your friends for referrals.
  • Choose a local company: Look for entities that are nearby so you won’t have problems with quick access for when you need to visit the office.
  • Check for license and qualifications: Choose a company that’s authorized to operate and with licensed and trained staff to avoid problems down the road.
  • Opt for a company offering round-the-clock services: Emergencies involving locks may happen anytime and having a responsive locksmith is imperative.
  • Ask for estimates: Check the web for average costs and ask for a direct quote from your locksmith Las Vegas to know if you’re being charged exorbitantly.

For large-scale projects and non-emergency works, a legitimate business should formalize every contract and agreement in a written document.


Locksmiths can do more than just install and repair locks. Depending on the service you require, look for a locksmith that has the knowledge, skills and proper certification in performing the tasks at hand.






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