15 Gifts for the Ford Limited Models Lover in Your Life


Buying gifts for loved ones can be tricky, particularly if their interests are more unusual. A good list of ideas can make for great inspiration that can help you find the perfect gift, and it is easy if you are looking for gifts for a sports fan or animal lover. But what if that special person in your life has a deep-seated love for Ford Limited transit vans? Well, we are here to help you find the perfect gift to cater to that interest, with a handy list of our top 15 gifts for the ford limited models lover in your life. From avid van drivers to more casual fans, there is sure to be something here that you can use as a source of gift inspiration.

1: Ford Lifestyle Collection Model Cars

Coming in at number 1 on the list of our top 15 gifts for the Ford Limited Models lover in your life is the range of premium model cars available from Ford’s own Lifestyle Collection. This is a great range of models with all of the details perfectly rendered at a tiny scale. You can buy almost any model of Ford vehicle in this range, with a wide range of colors available for added accuracy and authenticity.

2: Car Battery Self Jump Starter

There is nothing worse than your van battery running flat in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around to give you a jump and help you get started again. If the Ford lover in your life likes to spend a lot of time on long journeys, then a car battery self jump starter is one of the most useful gifts you could ever buy them. This handy bit of kit lets you self jump your own vehicle without needing to wait for someone else to come along and help you out!

3: Battery-powered Clip On Fan

If you have spent a lot of time in a ford model van, you will know that even with the best air conditioning, it can get hot in there. A great way to lower the temperature a bit is to buy a battery-operated fan to attach to the dash of the van. We like the OPolar model, but any battery-operated clip on fan would make a great gift for a ford van lover.

4: Ford Vignale Weekender bag

Did you know that Ford do not only make vans and other vehicles? Their Vignale Collection is a range of premium leather products made with all the craftsmanship and care that goes into their vehicles. We particularly like the Vignale Weekender Bag, a durable and well-crafted bag with a spacious interior and a multitude of uses. It is not the lowest budget gift out there, but if you are looking to splash out a bit for a special someone, it is a great choice.

5: Ford Wireless Charging Powerbank

A well-charged phone is a vital part of travel, and that usually means ensuring you have a power bank in your vehicle for a bit of extra juice on the road. Ford makes their own branded power bank, which is a great option for combining style and practical usefulness in a single gift for the Ford Limited models lover in your life.

6: Goal Zero Portable Power Station

Powering your gadgets is an important part of staying cheerful and comfortable in your beloved Ford van. A portable power station is a great way to do that if you do not have solar panels rigged up to your van, and one of our favorite choices in this category is the Goal Zero Portable Power Station. It is a well-made, durable option that offers great, reliable performance every time. This is a great gift for any Ford van owner, but particularly anyone who is just getting started kitting out and gearing up their van. 

7: Ford Basic Collection Merchandise

The Ford Limited merchandise brand does not only offer expensive, premium products. If you are on a tight budget and want an affordable gift for the Ford Limited Models lover in your life, check out the basic Ford category of their Lifestyle collection. This covers everything from mugs to pens, all emblazoned with the Ford logo and iconic blue tones. They are smaller gifts but great for showing that you care about the recipient’s interests and passions.

8: Miir Camp Mug

There are millions of different coffee mugs out there that are ideal for use when on a long journey in your Ford Transit van, but the Miir Camp Mug is a bit flashier and classier. These are designed to look like classic style enameled camp mugs, but with modern thermal technology to keep everything insulated. The mugs feature spill-proof lids, and the stainless steel is durable and sure to stand up to even the roughest van journey!

9: Ford Mustang Mach-E Lighter

For something small and classy, try the Mach E Lighter from Ford’s Mustang collection. This is a slick looking black colored lighter emblazoned with the Ford Mustang logo. This might be a small gift, but it is one that exudes class and refinement, bringing all of the precision engineering of a Ford Mustang to a pocket lighter.

10: Ford v Ferrari movie

Any car enthusiast is sure to enjoy Ford v Ferrari, the hit movie about the creation of the iconic Ford GT40 car, and it is now easily available on DVD or Blu-ray. This Oscar-nominated movie stars Christian Bale and Matt Damon, both giving incredible performances that are sure to entertain any car enthusiast, even those who already know the story that inspired the movie.

11: Heel Tread Socks

Socks! Everyone needs them, but they are not often all that much fun. Heel Tread is a brand that offers something a bit different, though. All of their designs are based on the designs of classic cars, such as the Ford GT40, bringing a little bit of classic car style to your footwear. All of these are understated enough to slip past the notice of most people, but they are a clever little nod for those in the know.

12: Tile Mate Bluetooth Keyring

Everyone’s lost their car keys at some point, and that pain is unforgettable. The Tile Mate Bluetooth Keyring aims to prevent that stress and annoyance, though. Simply attach this keyring to your car keys, and you can use a simple smartphone app to make it beep loudly so that you can find your misplaced keys again. It might not look like much, but it is a great, practical gift for the car enthusiast in your life.

13: Ford Mustang 3D Pony Chrome Metal Key Chain

The Ford Mustang logo is iconic and classy and therefore makes the perfect keychain. If you are looking for something small and affordable but punchy and iconic, you can’t do much better than this key chain as a gift for the Ford lover in your life. This is an instantly recognizable design and comes in a durable metal alloy construction with a classy chrome finish.

14: Ford Mustang Mach-E Zip Hoodie

Sleek and understated, the Ford Mustang Mach E Zip Hoodie is an item of clothing that can be worn anywhere, showing off affection for Ford Limited in a subtle and refined way. It is comfortable, warm, and looks great, making it the perfect gift for any Ford fan.

15: Portable 12V Air Compressor Kit

Any van lover knows that getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire is the stuff of nightmares. Fortunately, you can save them from this nightmare with one simple gift: a portable air compressor kit. A standard 12-volt air compressor uses the standard power supply of a vehicle’s electrical system to quickly and easily refill the air pressure in your tires.

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