2020 Ford Escape – Price, Comparisons, Features, and Specs


The new 2020 Ford Escape is a significant upgrade in the competitive automobile industry with stylish design and powertrains. Ford Escape is built to shake things up from a different and unique perspective, meaning that it promises bigger space, better efficiency, excellent comfort, and well handling. People are already familiar with all the juicy details. But there’s more than that, of course. The 2020 Ford Escape is a totally new car with new features.

This affordable car has stable driving dynamics, attractive design, and a spacious cabin. If you’re purchasing an SUV, you might consider options such as the new 2020 Ford Escape, which have gotten a lot of popularity. Looking beyond the ads, there are many other alternatives, yet it’s pretty challenging to find a vehicle with useful features and low price.

The 2020 Ford Escape upgraded version has many interesting additions, including a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and twist-dial gear selector. Is the 2020 Ford Escape better than the 2019 version? But most importantly, is it worth the money? Let’s find out.

The New 2020 Ford Escape

The new 2020 Ford Escape is an excellent compact crossover. It’s also a vast improvement over the outgoing Ford Escape, which was really starting to feel old. But the new one has been entirely re-designed for 2020, and it’s much better. The Escape Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient gas power crossover on the market. What makes the 2020 Ford Escape so compelling? The original Escape came back in 2001, right at the start of the small crossover trend, and the 2020 model begins the 4th generation. Prices for 2020 For Escape start around $26,000, and it’s offered with several engines.

The base engine is a 1.5 L turbocharged 3 cylinders and makes about 180 horsepower. That engine gets around 27 miles per gallon in the city and about 33 miles on the highway, which is basically identical to the Toyota RAV 4 and Honda CRV. The big news is the return of the Ford Escape Hybrid, which hasn’t been part of the Escape lineup since 2012. The Escape Hybrid uses a 2.5 L hybrid 4 cylinders that make about 200 horsepower. It gets 44 miles per gallon in the city and 37 gallons per mile on the highway, making it the most fuel-efficient crossover on the market.

How Does 2020 For Escape Compare to the 2019 Model?

2019 Ford Escape vs 2020 Ford Escape – What’s the difference? The new Ford Escape SUV is new for 2020, with a lot of technology and remarkable performance. It’s what makes the 2020 Escape model a better upgrade over its predecessor. In the automotive world, the compact SUV market is one of the most competitive. It is the reason why Ford designed an all-new Escape model for 2020 to match with the roughest competitors in this crowded market of crossovers. Is the new 2020 Ford Escape better than the previous generation?

The exterior has a significant change with 2020 reshape. The new model has curvy body lines, elegant style overall, and with dimension favorable for driving dynamics. Its purpose as a compact SUV hasn’t changed, yet the 2020 Escape is longer, wider, and lower. However, the 2019 Escape model is also a nice crossover with a pleasant and inviting look. But the new 2020 Ford Escape is three inches longer and two inches broader. The Escape 2020 interior design is a significant improvement over the preceding model, with qualitative materials.

Interior & Tech

Drivers most prefer the Ford Escape due to its interior space. It is one of the most extensive options in the compact SUV models. The 2019 and 2020 have a big and comfortable adult seat, but you’ll still notice a couple of differences that might make you want the 2020 model. Some significant changes can differentiate the 2020 model from its previous model, which makes it a big year for car tech. So, the 2020 Ford Escape is all-new for this year, and it comes with many standard techs.  The first screen that pops up when you turn on the car is the home screen. It allows you to see not one, but three things simultaneously.

If you want to go to a specific page, for example, music, phone, or internet, you can click on each of the individual tiles on the home screen to get there. However, the most permanent way you’ll be usually be dealing with this is on the lower dock, which offers quick access to your audio, phone, and apps. You can play music through Bluetooth, but also, the direct USB connection. Now, if your phone isn’t running Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, which many people do, you can still have a bound through Bluetooth to make calls. A quick tap of the phone button on the bottom dock brings up your recent call list, your contacts, or text messages.

Ford Escape’s Price

The Escape’s price starts from $25,980 and is available in many features. The 2020 Ford Escape will be available in:

  • S
  • SE
  • SE Sport
  • SEL
  • Titanium

The basic model, Ford Escape S, will cost $25,980, followed by the SE version, which costs $26,000 and has a notable standard feature. The S, SE, and SEL versions have the 1.5-liter 3 cylinders, while the SE Sport and Titanium will be standard for the Hybrid drive system. For Titanium models, Ford is offering the 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo.

The huge upgrades of the new 2020 Ford Escape are more than enough to justify a purchase. The 2019 escape is a great compact SUV, but the improvements in the new 2020 Escape makes it more competitive and modern. Overall, if you’re looking for an upgraded, spacious car that will also match your lifestyle if you frequently travel, or have numerous family members, the new 2020 Ford Escape is the right version.

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