3 Different Types of Car Painting Stands and Where to Find them


Not all of us can afford to buy a new car every time we get bored of it. But, car enthusiasts still get their desires fulfilled by renovating their cars such that they look like new ones. One of the most important aspect of car renovation is the painting job because it essentially transforms the look of a car.

But, repainting a car compromises the integrity of its exterior such that the paint starts to wear off with time if the owner does not ensure effective automotive paint care. Gone are the days, when various exterior parts of the car had to be laid on the floor to paint them. Now we have various types of car painting stands that you can buy at paint booth.com, and they are classified on the basis of the body parts they are designed to hold. We have discussed here three different types of car painting stands and where you can find them so that renovating a car becomes much easier for you.

1. Bumper Painting Stands

As the name suggests, bumper painting stands are designed to accommodate bumpers of various sizes so that they can be painted without any hassle. Most of the top-end stands come with braces to hold the bumper in place, and there is an option of multiple adjust points so that the user can place the bumper according to his convenience. Moreover, these painting stands have tires so that the user can easily move the bumpers to an area where they can be dried out quickly.

2. Fender Painting Stands

The second type of car painting stands available in the market are fender painting stands which, as the name suggests, are designed to ensure convenient painting job of fenders. Their basic assembly involves adjustable arms that can support the skirts of fenders. Even the most basic models can hold two fenders at a time, which means you can paint and dry both of them without having to replace them. Needless to say that they are height adjustable and can be folded like any other stands available in the market.

3. Panel Painting Stands

Panel painting stands are the third type of car painting stands and they are the most versatile among the rest because they cannot only hold panels but can also accommodate hoods of different sizes. Indeed, they also have adjustable braces which can be set to accommodate the projects of different sizes.

Where to find car painting stands?

There was a time when finding something you wanted was incredibly challenging, but nowadays, the market has become so expansive both physically and digitally, that almost everything can be found.

Use the internet

Use the internet to locate different dealers around your area, and it is incredibly convenient too because all you would have to do is search the best car painting stand sellers in your respective area. Moreover, you can browse credible seller websites like Amazon to get the painting stand as per your requirements. You will not only get to know about the various products over there, but there will also be a lot of customer reviews available. These customer reviews can prove to be a vital source of information about a product.

Browse your social circle

You can also browse your social circle and ask your friends, family members, and other contacts if they know a credible seller of car painting stands. You may have to use the internet here as well, as you can simply post your query on social media platforms, and you may get dozens of responses.

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