3 Main Tips For Choosing The Ideal RCI Off-Road Rack For Your Vehicle


Scouting for off-road vehicle accessories is, more often than not, notches higher in difficulty, compared to how breezy it is to find that of A-segments. However, the returns are always that much more rewarding for the first. Here are features you should watch out for when choosing RCI Bed Racks and other related FAQs.  But for high-quality tacoma bars that will make your vehicle look tougher and more visually appealing, just refer to a reputable site. 

1. Load Rating 

A feature you have to take note of when selecting an RCI rack is load rating. Static load rating, in the context of pick-up trucks, is defined by the maximum capacity that a truck bed can withstand. 

Referred to as “payload capacity”, you can calculate it via a simple formula. Identify the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of the truck as a whole. Secondly, identify the curb weight. 

These shreds of information are usually readily available on the Owner’s Manual of your vehicle. 

You can also quickly look them up online, on the manufacturer’s and/or dealer’s page. If not, try checking the door on the driver’s side. There should be a plate within its door jamb, and said plate will have these weight data printed clearly. 

The Formula: GVWR – Curb Weight = Estimated Payload Capacity. 

Once you’ve computed this, you can now utilise it as a guide in selecting your off-road rack. One way to do so is by listing down items that you frequently store behind your pick-up and write down a rough draft of what they weigh. Add that to the weight of the off-road rack you have in  mind. 

Their total weight should not go beyond that of your automobile’s Estimated Payload Capacity. 

2. Functionality 

Low-profile designs are currently a favourite among many. Their simplistic overall aesthetic takes a backseat to let their functionality step into the limelight. The less complicated the structure of the rack, the better. Because this automatically ties into ease of installation. 

Moreover, low-profile designs tend to have a low wind capacity, which doesn’t add to any drag that drivers experience when lugging around too-tall or too-heavy cargo. But in case you prefer racks that have an above-average height, you can purchase varieties with wind deflectors to lower its likelihood for drag. 

And if you’re looking into upping the ante in its functionality, you may want to consider LED strip lights, too! That is, if you and the fam enjoy night drives and overnight road and/or outdoor trips.

A word of advice— go for adjustable and/or removable light accessories. There are certain locations whose local governments are very strict about not permitting vehicles adorned with light accessories to cruise on public roads. Having adjustable and/or removable ones will keep you away from being fined. 

3. Rack Accessories

Besides lighting fixtures, there are other RCI accessories you can avail of, to further the security of the items you’ll transport using your pick-up. Depending on the kind of RCI rack you go for, you can separately buy hardware parts meant to secure and stabilize sports equipment. We’re talking kayaks, canoes, bikes, and the like. 

At the same time, there are attachment parts for holding in place carbo boxes, gas tanks, water cans, and similar heavy-weighted objects. 

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