3 Proven Tips to Maximize the Fuel Efficiency of Your Diesel Car


Diesel cars make up only 3% of the total auto sales in the US, but buyers appreciate these vehicles due to their longevity. The diesel engine lasts longer than its petrol counterpart due to less wear and tear. But fuel efficiency remains a concern because the average diesel consumption in the US clocked 4.02 million barrels daily in 2022.

The problem worsens if you live in one of the high-traffic cities like San Antonio, which stands at number 5 for the worst traffic in Texas and number 41 in the country. Fortunately, you can do your bit to address the fuel efficiency issue and ensure that your diesel car runs on less fuel.

It depends on how well you take care of your vehicle in the first place. Your driving habits also make a difference when it comes to mileage. If you always blame your car for not being efficient enough, you need to get your facts straight.

Here is a checklist that can help win the fuel efficiency game for your diesel car:

Invest in Regular Maintenance

According to surveys, 20% of American households delay routine vehicle maintenance. Did you know that such vehicles end up falling short of fuel efficiency? Imagine how much your monthly bills may elevate if you drive a diesel car in a city like San Antonio without getting regular maintenance.

The solution is as simple as finding a diesel mechanic in San Antonio for scheduled maintenance and repairs. Keeping your car in top shape is the best way to get every mile out of your ride. Besides timely checks and maintenance, you must also take proactive measures to address issues like engine repairs sooner than later.

According to the Texas Elite Auto & Diesel team, preventive vehicle maintenance can be a savior. A few hours of work is enough to keep diesel vehicles up and running with maximum efficiency. It also enhances road safety and prevents hefty repair and replacement costs.

Maintain an Optimal Tire Pressure

Besides staying on top of vehicle maintenance, you must ensure optimal tire pressure for your diesel car. Most passenger vehicles need to stick to the psi range of 30 to 35. Surprisingly, under-inflated tires can reduce mileage by 0.2% for every 1 psi drop in tire pressure. Over-inflated tires also affect the numbers. Either way, they can cause safety issues on the road.

Also, replace the tires if they are too old because they lose traction on the road and have to spin more to maintain a specific speed. The vehicle consumes more fuel and loses out on mileage. Wheel alignment is another significant factor when it comes to maximizing the efficiency of your diesel car.

Rework Your Driving Habits

Your driving habits go beyond ensuring safety on the road. They also determine the fuel efficiency of your diesel car. While you must follow the road rules, embracing some best practices can make a world of difference to your fuel bills. Here are a few you must follow:

Go Easy on Throttle

The peak power output in a diesel engine comes at nearly 4000 RPM. Reaching that point can take much longer than in a petrol car. You may want to floor the throttle to get there, but it does more harm than good and causes fuel waste. Avoid going too hard with the pressure on the pedal.

Avoid Hard Braking

Hard braking is another efficiency killer, so avoid it as much as possible. The engine has to make extra effort to regain momentum after a complete halt. Additionally, hard braking causes brake shoes to wear out soon. Improving your driving skills can help. Drive vigilantly and maintain an optimal speed to minimize the use of brakes.

Let the Engine Warm Up

Another tip for diesel car owners is to give the engine time to warm up because it takes more than the petrol variant. On an average day, the engine requires 7 to 8 km to warm up completely. San Antonio winters can be harsh, so you need to be extra conscious about warming up your engine during the colder months. Your car will be far more fuel efficient with this simple measure.

Plan Your Route

Route planning is a savvy way to maximize the fuel efficiency of your diesel car. Picking the shortest routes to your destination is not always the best option. You must look for ones with minimum traffic congestion as it limits the need to brake often and leave the engine idling. You can rely on Google Maps for real-time traffic updates.


Buying the right diesel car puts you in a good place to score the best fuel efficiency. But you need to invest effort in maintaining it over the years. Regular maintenance and tire checks give you a good start. Ramping up your driving habits takes you the extra mile. Follow this simple checklist to cover both fronts.

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