3 Things To Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair


While people buy some items without much forethought, most research before making significant purchases. Significant purchases are items that may be expensive. They also include items you need for an extended period and won’t want to replace for a while.

The global gaming industry generated over $104 billion in 2017. In addition to the amount spent on gaming hardware and software, gamers spend millions on gaming accessories such as headsets, mouse pads, desks, and chairs. Accessories enhance the gamer’s performance during gameplay and can prevent injuries, and purchasing a gaming chair in particular is a decision gamers take seriously. There are multiple things to consider when choosing a gaming chair, so let’s examine three factors you should consider before buying a new gaming chair.

1. Consider your budget

The best gaming chairs available today include the DXRacer Master Series, Razer Iskur, Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium, EWin Knight Series, DXRacer Air Series, Vertagear SL5000, Arozzi Vernazza Soft Fabric, and Secretlab Titan XL gaming chairs. Many of these brands and models cost $500 or more, making them a significant financial investment for gamers.

You’ll want to identify the best budget gaming chair if the price is your primary consideration. For example, the EWin Knight Series gaming chairs are affordable quality gaming chairs. They are adjustable, have head support pillows, and include lumbar support pillows.

2. Consider your physical comfort

The best gaming chairs include cloth, mesh, and PU leather gaming chairs. Some gamers prefer a mesh gaming chair, such as the DXRacer Air Series, because it’s easier to stay cool. The mesh facilitates good air circulation.

While some people have health conditions causing back pain, others develop back pain from sitting for extended periods. Choosing a superior gaming chair can prevent or alleviate back pain by promoting good posture. The Vertagear SL5000 is an ergonomic gaming chair that helps gamers maintain good posture during their gaming sessions. Ergonomic chairs reduce the pressure on your hips. Other models, such as the Secretlab Titan XL gaming chair, have adjustable lumbar and neck supports and headrests, enabling you to customize your chair to your physical needs, ensuring you enjoy effective support.

Chair size is another significant consideration. The Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium is an excellent chair designed for larger users, holding 441 pounds. Whether you’re a tall person with a larger frame or prefer sitting in a spacious chair, you may also want to consider the Secretlab Titan XL, which holds up to 390 pounds.

The Vertagear SL5000 and EWin Knight Series gaming chairs can hold 330 pounds, while the Arozzi Vernazza Soft Fabric chair is designed to hold a maximum of 320 pounds. Razer Iskur chairs can hold up to 286 pounds, while the DXRacer Air Series and Master Series hold 250 and 275 pounds, respectively.

3. Consider your gaming needs

Your gaming setup is a factor you should consider because you may not have enough space for larger gaming chairs. While the DXRacer Air Series gaming chairs have a seat base width of 19 inches, the seat base width of the Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium gaming chair is 22.83 inches. You don’t want to end up with a chair that’s too big for your available space, which is why it’s a good idea to measure your available space before narrowing your chair options.

Also, consider the chair’s tilt. Tilting forward can reduce back strain during gameplay; however, if you’re a professional streamer and spend some time each day chatting with your followers, you may want to lean back and relax. The ability to adjust your chair may be a key feature you want. The Secretlab Titan XL and Arozzi Vernazza Soft Fabric gaming chairs tilt up to 165 degrees, while the DXRacer Air Series can tilt 130 degrees.

An excellent gaming chair can prevent back and neck pain during gameplay. When choosing a new gaming chair, you should consider your budget, your physical comfort, and your gaming needs.


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