3 Top reasons to buy a luxury car


America is obsessed with cars; there’s no denying that. Rolls-Royce, BMW, Audi, Porsche are a few of the high-end luxury car brands that instantly come to mind when talking about one’s dream car. Many people want to save up and buy that overpriced luxury car. Have you ever wondered why? Why do people go beyond their means to purchase a vehicle that is so expensive when they can quickly get a cheaper model for way less? Well, to put it plainly, you can’t compare a regular car with a Porsche; both of them serve an entirely different purpose. Continue reading this article to learn more about the psychology behind buying expensive cars.

Attention: The reason one procures a big mansion, designer bags, pricey shoes, and branded clothes is the same behind purchasing expensive cars; people love to show off their wealth and lead an affluent lifestyle. They love the attention they get from others for buying high-end products. That is why brands like Gucci, Prada, and Channel can increase the pricing of their products without having to worry about losing their customers. For the buyers of these luxury brands, money is just a number. They are incredibly proud of their net worth and want to showcase their extravagant lifestyle. Many celebrities have showroom garages in their house for storing fancy cars. The buyers at times like to collect new and vintage models of expensive cars so that they can exhibit their collection to their friends and associates.

Quality Of The Vehicle: It is true that you get what you paid for; so, when you are paying such a high price for the vehicle, it is no secret that you get a top-notch car that deserves everyone’s attention. The automobiles require regular maintenance if one wants to keep them in proper condition. For example, one may take his Audi car to an Audi maintenance showroom. These showrooms will customize the car’s maintenance needs to keep the machine in the fittest condition possible. The service center will create a personalized Audi maintenance schedule for your vehicle and provide custom services exclusive to you.

For Maintaining Reputation: It is sad but true that many take loans to get an expensive car to maintain their status in society. In high society, one would be heavily ridiculed and mocked for downgrading one’s car. One may even be left out of the social circle if others get a sniff of one’s financial troubles. Therefore, to maintain a façade of the affluent lifestyle, one must be an avid follower of consumerism and purchase the latest brands of expensive cars.

  • Many people buy a luxury car to further their business venture. One may want to show his investors that going into business with him will provide the potential investors with a richer lifestyle. Therefore, for them, the car is an extension of their business advertisement.
  • Imagine seeing someone getting out of a luxurious car before entering the office lobby. You would most definitely regard that person as someone successful. One might be broke and in debt, but as long as he can maintain the appearance of being rich, people will gravitate towards him. People do judge others by the car they drive, and they want to associate with someone successful. Therefore, getting an expensive car might bear fruitful results for many.


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