3M Crystalline Vehicle Window Tinting


3M’s Crystalline Automotive Window Films are a revolutionary product that offers superior protection against UV rays. It blocks damaging UV rays, and it also provides superior heat rejection. Compared to dark tints, these films reject¬† almost total solar energy, thus ensuring better interior protection. These films are ideal for vehicles exposed to intense heat, and they are also good for the environment.

What Are 3M Films

3M films use a proprietary multilayer optical film nanotechnology to block heat. These films are made of more than 200 layers and provide unsurpassed protection. Infrared-resistant films reject up to 60% of solar energy, keeping 90% of heat rays out. Customers who purchase these films find that they enhance their view. They also preserve the look of their vehicles. They are available in various tint levels.

It is the most effective window film for your car. It improves the look of your vehicle, but it can also protect the interior. Adding 3M crystalline window tint to your vehicle can protect it from the harmful UV rays in the air. Moreover, it helps prevent glare from entering your vehicle.

Features Of 3M Crystalline Window Tint

Unlike other window tints, 3M Crystalline is thinner than a Post-it note. It’s made from 200 metal-free nano-layers of polyester. It blocks 99% of the sun’s infrared rays, keeping the cabin cool and your eyes healthy. 3M Crystalline doesn’t darken windows and won’t interfere with satellite radio reception or mobile devices compared to traditional films. It is also covered by a national warranty.

The advanced window film technology used by 3M offers a wide range of benefits. Spectra PhotoSync IRD rejects up to 97% of solar energy and 99% of heat-producing infrared rays, delivering ultimate protection. The film’s non-metallized nature allows you to use mobile devices like GPS and satellite radio. What’s more, it will not affect the reception of satellite radio or GPS.

The film is made up of 200 metal-free nano-layers of polyester. It’s thinner than a Post-it note, yet still offers excellent protection from light and heat. It is available in several colors and is backed by a national warranty. This is a great way to protect your car from the elements and increase its value.

3M was the first company to patent sun-control window film in 1966. This film has been helping motorists and car owners avoid the harsh sun for 50 years. These films don’t affect the look of your car but offer superior protection. And with the added benefit of a longer life, 3M has a wide variety of tinting options.

Unlike metallic window films, 3M Crystalline automotive window film is non-metallized and easy to maintain. This type of film won’t interfere with GPS or satellite radio reception, allowing you to keep your mobile devices within the car. It will not disrupt your phone’s reception. The 3M Crystalline tint is also the best option for your car. Its patented ceramic makes it the most durable window film on the market.

Installing Your 3M Film

When it comes to installing window films, they can be notoriously difficult. Any flaws in the installation process will show on the finished product in the form of air bubbles or wrinkles. As well as resulting in a short lived product. Visit a vehicle window tinting shop to get the peace of mind that the job will be done right, the first time.

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