4 Benefits of Owning a Solar Powered Car


Did you know that the first solar powered car to have a long range of driving before depleting of power was the Lightyear One? It can drive almost 500 miles in one charge. If you are wondering if investing in a solar panel car is worth it, we are here to help you make your decision.

Keep reading to learn the top benefits of owning a solar powered car.

1. Less Pollution

All solar powered vehicles have electric motors because this is how they turn solar energy into electrical energy. This means that you will not emit any gases into the atmosphere when you drive your solar powered car. If you are a fan of taking care of the environment then this vehicle might be the best option for you.

Solar energy does not pollute the environment. Keep in mind that while the solar panels are produced there is some pollution but once the panels are done and installed there is no more pollution created. You can look at this article to learn more about the technology behind solar panels: www.blueravensolar.com/texas/plano/.

2. Save Money

Although you will pay more upfront for a solar powered vehicle you will never have to pay for gas again. The energy from the sun is not only unlimited but also free. As the technology advances solar panels are becoming more affordable and have a longer lifespan of a couple of decades.

You will also save money on the engine oils because you will no longer need to take your car in for oil changes. Something else that you don’t have to worry about is charging the car unlike an electric vehicle that has to be plugged into an outlet to charge up the batteries.

3. Comfortable Driving

Another benefit worth mentioning is that the motors designed to power a solar vehicle is smaller than a regular gas engine motor. Due to the engine being smaller there is less noise and vibrations while you are driving.

The design of the vehicle is also a lot lighter and it allows for faster stopping and faster turning.

4. Preserve Natural Resources

Even though the panels of a solar powered car consume resources and energy when they are first manufactured, once it is done they do not require more energy input. You won’t have to worry about depending on petroleum-based products anymore unless you have to lubricate the wheels in the future.

Gas powered vehicles consume fuel and require oil changes which makes them dependent on petroluem-based products. This becomes a thing of the past with any solar powered car.

Solar Powered Car or No Solar Powered Car: That Is the Question?

We hope that now that you have the top benefits of investing in a solar powered car, you can make an informed decision of whether you should invest in a solar panel vehicle.

If our blog post helped you out today, feel free to continue browsing this section for more tips.


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