4 Post Hoist Advantages And Types


4 post hoists come with multiple different features that are best beneficial to buy. So if you are looking to buy, service, or rent one, but are still not sure which one is the best, this guide will help reassure you. Read on to find the features and benefits of 4 post lifts.

Features And Benefits Of 4 Post Hoist

Here are some features and advantages of a 4 post hoist;

  • 4 post lifts come with free caster kits that make it possible to easily move if need be. You can also anchor it permanently onto the ground, depending on your requirements.
  • 4 post lifts come with a 110-volt motor, which doesn’t need any special wiring
  • They are easy to drive into as well as out of the lift
  • If you are looking for long term storage of your vehicle then this is the perfect option
  • It is best suitable for heavier vehicles

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hoist

Now before you go ahead and make that purchase, here are some things you should first think about before you invest;

What You Need The Hoist For

If you own an automotive shop; a garage, or anything of such, there is no question about why you need to buy a hoist. But if you are just a car owner who has decided to buy a hoist, there are multiple questions you might want to answer first before going ahead;

Do you just want to store your car? You just want to do some cleaning and polishing? Or is it because you will be doing all types of repairs? The reason for your owning a lift will be the primary guide to the right lift for you.


Another thing to consider is how movable the lift is. If you are expecting to move the lift from one point to the next, you might want to choose a 4 post lift. They mostly come with a caster kit and can as well be permanently anchored, depending on your requirements. 

Simplicity of Use

4 post lifts are easier to load the vehicle and position it anyhow you need. They have runways that make it easier for the driver to smoothly drive onto the hoist, especially for low-ground vehicles. You don’t have to get out of the car to position the arms to lift the car evenly, as is with 2 post lists.

The Different Types Of 4 Post Hoist

Here some of the different types of 4 post lifts;

Challenger 4p14efx 6.3 Tonne 4 Post Hoist

If you are looking for a high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable 4 post hoist, then you might like the Challenger 4P14EFX 6.3 Tonne 4 post lift from Challenger. It comes with multiple features like automatic wheel stops, 2 runways, and a 5.34-meter max wheelbase. 

Bradbury H4443 4 Post 4 Tonne Wheel Free Hoist

This is one of the most popular 4 post hoists. Bradbury H4443 4 Post 4 Tonne Wheel Free Hoist comes with multiple beneficial features that make it highly versatile and efficient in use. Some of these features include the free beams of the wheel and are also fully automatic.

Molnar SM440-A – 4 Post Wheel Alignment Hoist 4t

This electro-hydraulic hoist comes with a 4000kg capacity and is highly versatile. They are great for both home wheel alignment as well as commercial shops. Some of the features you get with these include integrated slip plates, 1750mm lifting height, and 30 to 50 seconds lifting and/ or lowering time.

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