4 Situations that Require Dodge Seat Covers


Believe it or not, the Dodge brand is 120 years old. It was founded in America in 1900, in Detroit, Michigan, by the Dodge brothers. Over the years, Dodge has become very notable for its heavy-duty trucks. While they still have quite a few cars that sell well, their trucks clean up with awards every single year and are known as some of the most reliable vehicles on the road. Though, even the most reliable automobiles are subject to wear and tear, and this is especially true with the seats of your truck. They can go through a lot, particularly if you have a work truck, and you could end up with dirty, stained, and even ripped and torn fabric in only a few short years.

For owners of these trucks, however, the good news is that you can get a wide range of Dodge seat covers to put over those existing seats for a wide range of things. Here are some of the most common situations out there that may require you to get some seat covers for your Dodge truck.

4 Reasons You May Need Seat Covers

1: Protection

Far and away, the number one reason that people pick up covers for their truck seats is so their seats can remain protected. While many truck seats are sturdy, especially those created by Dodge, they’re far from indestructible. You’ll be sitting on these seats a lot and putting stress on the fabric. Add in things like the sunlight drying up the fabric and potentially something sharp in your pockets that grinds on the seats day after day, and you could end up with rips, runs and holes in your seats. The great thing about seat covers is that they can just act as a protective layer. When the cover itself gets worn out, you can replace it, and the seat remains unharmed.

2: Repairs

As a lot of truck owners find out, it can be costly to replace the upholstery of their seats. So, what a lot of people will do is put Dodge seat covers over their existing seats to act sort of like repairs. This choice gives the truck seats a new look and feel for barely a fraction of the cost of reupholstering the chairs. Many people will get a small hole or rip in their seats and then go the seat cover route, which prevents the damage below from getting worse as well. So if you have any damage on your original seats, this is definitely an instance where you might want to consider getting seat covers instead of all-new seats. It’s a much more economical choice.

3: The Elements

Another situation that might prompt some people to opt for seat covers is the harsh elements. For instance, say you live in a very rainy environment, and it’s always wet, and your original seats are a cotton-blend. While the moisture might not technically hurt them, we all know what happens when fabric gets damp and then dries out. It stinks something awful, and it’s a smell that you’re not going to get out of your truck quickly. It’s not as if you can wash your truck seats like an old shirt. So what many people will do is get some vinyl or neoprene seat covers that wick away moisture instead of absorbing it. So you might want to consider the elements and think about getting some quality seat covers.

close up of a car seat cover

4: Dirty Work

This situation is one that many millions of truck owners face, and that is that they take their trucks to work with them every day, and many even haul around other people. The thing about a work truck is that people are getting dirty. They’re getting sweaty. They smell. Especially for people who work outside in the nasty elements or the heat of summer, nobody wants those smelly, sticky bodies sitting down on their factory upholstery. What you want to do in this sort of situation is to get yourself a good set of seat covers that provide a barrier between the body and the seat.

These are just four of the many situations where you might want to consider picking up some quality seat covers. The good news is that you can find a wide range of seat covers for any truck type, and made out of a lot of different materials.

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