4 Teen Driving Facts You Should Know About


The teenage years are extremely important because they represent many firsts. Teenagers experience degrees of freedom, maturity, and respect for the first time. It’s also the time when many people learn to drive.

However, if you or your child are/is a teenager that’s about to learn to drive, there are some teen driving facts you should know to make sure everyone stays safe. This article will walk you through everything you need to conduct safe driving.

1. Most Teens Rely on Parents When They Learn to Drive 

A study conducted by state farm revealed that over half of all teenagers depend on their parents to learn how to drive. While driving lessons and driver’s ed are usually an option, they’re simply not enough to learn to pass a driver’s test and become a competent driver. They need support and guidance from their parents.

When teens gain their learner’s permit, they need an adult with them in the car to learn how to drive. They also need access to a car in the first place.

If you’re a teenager, don’t feel ashamed to ask your parents for help. If you’re a parent, get ready to get asked for help! Check out this resource for more information on teaching a teen to drive.

2. Teens Are at High Risk of Crashes

Failure comes with learning how to do anything. Unfortunately, failure during learning how to drive can cause some serious damage. Teen drivers cause a significant amount of crashes.

On one hand, you can hardly blame teens. They’re just learning how to drive, experience comes with time, and driving is a nerve-wracking experience. On the other hand, teens need to be extra vigilant and attentive in making sure that they don’t crash.

3. Crashes Have Patterns 

The above-cited resource states that 40 percent of crashes in teenage drivers take place between 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM. 52 percent of crashes take place on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That means, statistically, the time you’re most likely to get into a crash is on the evening of a weekend.

Crashes are more likely to happen if a teenager is driving with other people. This means teenagers need to be extra careful when driving around with their friends on weekends hanging out.

4. Seat Belts Count 

For some reason, teenagers just don’t seem to wear seatbelts as much as other demographics. Statistics also say that seatbelts are likely to save your life if you do happen to get into a crash.

Understand These Teen Driving Facts

Driving for the first time ever is just as exciting as it is scary. Become familiar with teen driving facts and you’ll make this time easier for you/your teen.

Understand that teenagers rely on their parents when they learn to drive, that teens are at a high risk of crashes, crashes have patterns, and seat belts mean a lot, and you’re far more likely to keep you/your teen safe.

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