4 Things You Should Do After Buying Your Infasecure Car Seat


Car safety should be the number one priority of every parent when traveling with their children. Aside from the routine vehicle checks, ensuring that you have approved and certified car seats are crucial too. Infasecure Car Seat is well-popular for its stylish designs and comfort while promoting ultimate security for your child. A proudly Australian-made car seat made to ensure that your children will be able to enjoy those little or long trips, while you have peace of mind they are safely buckled up while on the road.

If you’ve decided to make the purchase, what should you do next? Here are 4 simple things that you should first do after getting your Infasecure Car Seat, or any other car seat brand for that matter:

Make Sure To Adjust The Harness

Before installing it in your car, make the necessary adjustments to the car seat, which includes the headrest and the harness. Place it on the ground and have your child sit on the car seat as you make the adjustments. This allows you to test it out before you even fix and snap it on to your car.

While some people prefer to install it on the car and make the adjustments necessary, we find it more convenient and more comfortable to do it outside of the car. Also, make sure that you make the adjustment as to whether it’ll be front or rear-facing, depending on the age of the child using the seat.

Where Do You Want To Place The Car Seat?

This may be a no-brainer for some, but installing a car seat means it’s probably going to be there almost permanently. Do you want to place it on the left side, right side, or the middle? Ideally, if you have a single child in the backseat, the middle is the safest place to have it installed, yet they can be impractical at times. If you’ve decided to place them on the sides, the passenger side is favourable. This is perfect for parents who drive alone with a kid on their back – this way they can easily reach the other end without trouble.

Buy Travel Accessories (If Necessary)

A car seat alone is enough when traveling with children, but if you’re going on a long road trip, you may want to decide to add accessories such as seatbelt support, seat protector, or even window shades to keep the delicate skin away from direct sunlight.

Install The Car Seat

Always read the safety and instructions manual – and follow what’s written in there! If you’re not sure and confident about doing this yourself, you can always ask for help from a local fitter. This way, you’ll have the peace of mind that the seat was installed properly and safely. Once you have it installed, place your child for a final fitting, and make the necessary adjustments whenever needed. Sometimes, you may find yourself loosening or tightening the harness a little bit, so make sure that everything is perfectly fit before you head out to the road.

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