5 Car Date Ideas for Women Seking Women


Cars are still considered the boyish toys of men. Especially expensive exclusive cars that tell everyone about the status of their owner. However, modern women are not far behind men in their desire to own or drive a supercar. This may be true for lesbian women in many ways, as they may also want to impress their partner with an exciting car date. But not only in this way. Every woman looking for a woman on a lesbian dating site can share their passion for cars in their profile and expect to get messages from other car enthusiasts.

Getting to know each other through lesbian chat is easy, and singles don’t want to waste time, so dates of women seeking women near me happen quickly. However, those who focus only on a couple of hours of fast driving together rarely get invites for second hookups. Use our 5 car-related date ideas to spend unforgettable nights inside and outside your car.

Rent an Exclusive Car for a Night

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t afford the greatest McLaren; almost no one has that much money. But if you’re lucky enough to live in the area where rental agencies have expensive cars, you can feel like a movie star for a night. It will still cost a lot, but impressing someone with a stunning Porsche before a hookup makes things more exciting. Just don’t pretend that you own whichever exclusive car you rent. No one wants to date an insecure liars.

If you want to not only ride, but also show yourself with your new girlfriend, combine that car with dinner in a fancy restaurant. Your partner will love every jealous glance from random strangers. You’ll love everything about that date. Even if it goes 100% sideways, you still get to drive some amazing car. Just don’t let that expensive car go sideways.

Visit a Car Show

Car shows are the best places to see new exclusive cars. Most lesbian women never get a chance to see many supercars on the road. Those who do see them for a split second. Car shows are different. Everyone can approach cars, and cars aren’t going anywhere. It means you and your partner can admire them as long as you want. Learning all the facts about cars can come in handy if you want to impress a woman you met on a lesbian site with your car knowledge. If that date should lead to a lesbian hookup, don’t go full female Sheldon and bore your partner to death with irrelevant info.

Visit a Museum

Car shows last from a couple of days to a week or so. If you miss the one in the area, you either have to travel or wait. For some car enthusiasts, that’s not an option. If a couple is all about car dates, they can’t wait for months to see some beautiful specimens. Museums are there to save the day. We know the museum isn’t the first thing you connect with lesbian dating. But do some research, maybe one of the museums has nightly displays. Or choose an LGBT-friendly car brand to learn a little more about old cars, from their history to modern models catering to the needs of queer people.

Try to Pretend You’ll Buy a Car in Some Salon!

This one is a bit childish, but kids know how to have fun. So being childish every once in a while isn’t bad. Let your partner know about your plan, and visit the nearest exclusive car salon. Try to keep it cool. You may even get to the test drive. If not, and the dealer sees through your act, you’ll still feel the excitement of doing something naughty. Transfer that feeling to your date, and you can expect an unforgettable pastime with your woman..

Find the Nearest Car Parade

Car parades are becoming more popular worldwide, and they may be part of a big LGBT event that you and your lesbian dating partner want to attend. You probably know all about those in your area. Inviting a lesbian woman you meet online to an LGBT car parade can be the secret weapon for leaving a good first impression.

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