5 Car Detailing and Car Washing Tips


It’s super easy to hand over the cash to a professional and get the car washed. Undoubtedly, one can not wash the car as perfectly as a professional car wash service does. However, the method is quite harsh. It is harmful to cars in the long run.

So, what do you have to do? begin washing your car yourself. It would only be hectic two or three times. However, with time you would learn the hacks and start having more or less the same results as the professional car wash or car detailing in san Bernardino. To start working on your plan, here are a few car detailing and washing tips that would be super helpful;

Always start cleaning the car from the top

Have you ever noticed the experts while washing the car? If you have, you might notice they always start cleaning the car from the top. The reason is when you clean the car this way, the dirt and grime move from top to bottom. You do not have to redo the cleaned parts again and again. However, if you begin cleaning the car randomly, the dirt and grime would not move in the desired direction. You would have to go over several times to clean the car to perfection. So, do not start randomly, begin cleaning the car from the top and slowly work toward the bottom.

Wash the car thoroughly with good car wash soap

It has been observed that most vehicle owners prefer to wash their cars with dish soap or shampoos. Dish soap and shampoo should not be used to wash the car as they have proven to damage the paint. If you plan to wash your car yourself more often, try investing in a good car wash soap or solution. The car wash solutions/soaps are specifically made for this purpose, they would not harm the car in any way. Always choose a mild solution, if you wash your car at least twice a week the mild solution would be enough to get rid of dirt grime.

Lubricate the hinges and latches

Hinges and latches can not be ignored at all. However, most vehicle owners do exactly the opposite; do not pay attention to the hinges and latches. If the hinges and latches are ignored, you will have some serious hinges and latches issues. So, lubricate the hinges and latches more often to keep the car all tuned up. Keep in mind there is no better lubricant than white lithium grease. So, do a light spray to keep the hinges and latches functioning properly.

Treat the paint chips

The paint chips deserve as much attention as the hinges and latches need. Almost all vehicles being regularly used have paint chips to touch up. So touch up with paint to make your vehicle appear presentable.

Apply wax

Lastly, never forget to apply wax or sealant on the car. Be very careful while applying the wax or sealant, read and follow the instructions written on the package to get satisfactory results.


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