5 Common Car Parts That Can Easily Be Damaged


As much as many people would like to keep their cars as new as they were the first day, it may not be easy. Vehicles live such rough lives, and it would require extra attention to maintain them. Servicing your car is a fundamental way of maintaining its performance, safety, and fuel consumption. Servicing can either be minor or major, depending on the distance covered within a period. Here is a snapshot of the most common parts of a vehicle that can easily be damaged.


Most traffic accidents will make you put the brakes on and hit the car on the front. Bumpers are a bit rigid, and being on the front makes them more susceptible to damage. They are damaged in more than a third of all accidents. Once a crack is initiated, it will spread. However, most of these damages are from minor collisions. Some of the reasons behind it include reckless parking and meeting with obstacles.


If an accident’s impact is severe, it can cause the hood over the engine to lift and crumple up. Falling objects and extreme weather conditions can also easily damage the bonnet. Any dent or scratch to the bonnet might allow water and other solutions to penetrate. Correcting this problem at the right time will prevent the rusting of the weakened metal.


Frontal impacts will also cause damage to the grille. The grille’s primary purpose is to allow air to be drawn into the engine. You need to keep the engine with good airflow by doing a replacement of the damaged grille. Consequently, damaged grilles have an impact on the overall visual appeal of the vehicle. It will help if you are looking for the most efficient and convenient repairer to work on the damage. Otherwise, there may be other small damages that you may not have noticed.

Font and Rear Doors

Some drivers pull onto the highway without looking. Other drivers open their doors without minding the car. Side impacts are the leading cause of car door damages. Experienced auto-body repair body shops can deal with small damages like dents on your car doors. These repairers can work on them without destroying the metal fabric of the vehicle.

Tires and Wheels

Tires and wheels being at the four corners of the car make them vulnerable to any collision. Unfortunately, they are also prone to other kinds of damages such as those caused by potholes and curbs. Tires can be misaligned, leading to the development of other problems within the car’s system. A faulty tire will create uneven tread wear or steer wheel vibration. Moreover, it may also make your vehicle pull from left to right. You may even notice the steering wheel is off-center when driving straight. All these signs mean that there is a misalignment that should be corrected regularly. During alignment, there is an adjustment of your car’s suspension angles. Tire alignment and balancing help prevent premature treadwear. You should have your tires aligned and balanced every 5000-6000 km to help maximize their lifespan.

Body and Paint

While body panels can easily be damaged, correcting the mess is essential. It would be best if you did not let a dent or scratched paint ruin the presentation of your valuable car. Restore your vehicle to its original sparkling condition and get back on the road. Tackling this kind of repair on your own will lead you to regrets. Look for reliable specialists to use the latest tools and technologies to handle the problem. With the perfect color application, you will have your vehicle looking its best. Additionally, packing your car in the shade prevents body and paint problems.

Owning a car is different from maintaining it. A lot of other damages can happen to a car, but luckily they can be fixed. Preventing regular breakdowns and ensuring its reliability requires extra attention. Nevertheless, accidents and damages are inevitable. It would be best if you gave your car regular servicing by visiting a reliable specialist. BMW Repairs Brisbane is one of the best specialists in car repairs. Contact them today for servicing and for mechanical repairs. Selecting reliable car insurance is also a necessity.


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