5 Common Motorcycle Accidents And How To Avoid Them


Compared to cars, motorcycles are less stable and visible. Motorcycle riders are more likely to sustain injuries or lose their lives in an accident because they lack the enclosed vehicle’s safety features. Following are the 5 common types of motorcycle accidents-

1) Collision with Left Turning Cars

The most frequent cause of motorcycle accidents is a car turning left in front of you. According to these motorcycle accident lawyers, 42 percent of motorcycle and car accidents are a result of this type of collision. The motorcycle is typically hit by the turning car when it is:

  • Crossing a junction without turning around
  • Passing the car
  • Speeding and overtaking the car

This kind of collision frequently occurs between two regular cars as well, but because of the size of a motorcycle and lack of protection, riders are far more at risk in these collisions.

How to Prevent a Left Turn Motorcycle Accident

Apart from the typical cautious driving techniques and wearing your safety gear, you need to predict what the car driver will do next. Keep an eye out for any warning signs that someone may be turning in front of you, such as:

  • An automobile is waiting to turn at a junction.
  • While someone is waiting to proceed, there is a pause in the traffic flow in front of you.
  • They make a split-second decision to “look both ways.”

Be sure to make eye contact with the car driver in front of you. Check for any obstacles in their path ahead, pay attention to which way their tires are pointed, and observe whether they are actively observing the traffic or looking down at their phone.

2) Motorcycle Accidents During Lane Switching

In this typical motorcycle accident scenario, a car is right next to you and starts to cross over into your lane. This occurs when you’re riding next to a car that is not paying enough attention on a four-lane highway. 

Avoiding a Lane-Switching-Related Motorcycle Accident

Have you ever noticed the bumper sticker, “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you,” on a semi-truck? That is how blind spots operate. You should be able to see the driver’s face in the car’s mirrors, which indicates that they can probably see you.

3) Motorcycle collision head-on crashes

56 percent of motorcycle accident fatalities are caused by collisions with other vehicles. 78 percent of these mishaps result from a head-on collision between a car and a motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcyclists frequently die in head-on incidents with automobiles.

How to Prevent a Motorcycle Head-On Collision

The “Four Rs” are suggested by the National Safety Council (NSC) when attempting to prevent a head-on collision:

  • Read the upcoming route
  • Right-hand drive
  • Reduce your speed
  • Riding off-road

Always actively monitor the road in front of you and keep an eye out for potential motorcycle accident hazards.

4) Accidents Involving Motorcycle Lane Splitting

When a motorbike drives between two lanes of stationary or moving traffic, it is known as lane splitting. This typically happens at a traffic light or when there is heavy traffic. Due to these reasons, lane splitting frequently causes motorcycle accidents. 

  • The automobile and motorcycle were parked close to one another.
  • There is tighter turning space for the motorcycle 
  • In slower or halted traffic, cars don’t expect a motorcycle to overtake them.
  • Drivers are unprepared for it because cars don’t need lane splits.

Avoiding accidents caused by lane splitting

In Florida, lane splitting is prohibited. If you do decide to lane split, be sure there is adequate space for you to do it safely without running into any other vehicles or side-view mirrors. 

5) Drinking and driving and motorcycle accidents

In 2021, riders who had blood alcohol levels at or above 0.09 percent were involved in 30% of all fatal motorcycle accidents

How to Prevent a Drunk Driver-Related Motorcycle Accident?

Avoid drinking and driving. Limit yourself to one beer or drink each hour and stop at three drinks. Uber and Lyft are fantastic options for getting home without risking your safety.

Final Words

The federal government estimates that per mile traveled in 2019, the number of deaths on motorcycles was nearly 29 times the number in cars. Precautions can help prevent such accidents.

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