5 Dangers You Must Avoid When You’re Out on the Road This Year


This year, you’ll probably see many other vehicles on the road if you go out. The pandemic-era lockdowns ended months ago, and many families and individuals who worked from home during that time have gone back into the office. Others have targeted 2023 as the year they take a vacation, some for the first time in ages.

You might like driving, or you may not care for it so much. Either way, you should know about some potential dangers when you’re out on the road this year. We’ll discuss them right now.

Commercial Trucks

You will likely see commercial trucks everywhere if you get out on the highway. You can see them on some local roads as well. Commercial trucks carry all kinds of goods all over the country. They help keep America running.

Commercial trucks can cause crashes sometimes, though. Many drivers stay safe by obeying all traffic laws, but some drive dangerously. 181,764 truck accidents happened in 2021, and that number does not deviate much year by year.

If you see a commercial truck on the highway or a local road, give it a wide berth. You might assume the driver knows what they’re doing and won’t swerve suddenly or do anything else inappropriate. Still, because these vehicles weigh several tons and they’re so massive, you should not drive too close, just in case something goes wrong and the driver must swerve or stop suddenly.


As the winter concludes, many cities dispatch pothole repair crews. They must repair the blacktop anywhere the salt and constant traffic have worn it away.

You might sometimes see enormous potholes when winter concludes. You’d hope a city or municipality will fix those quickly, but some areas take longer.

Also, some cities don’t have very much money. They might take longer fixing potholes. If you’re in an area where the potholes remain a problem well into the summer, you must slow down when you approach one or swerve around it if there aren’t any cars nearby that you might accidentally hit.

If you hit a big pothole, you can throw off your car’s suspension. You might also get a flat tire. You can fix it yourself, or you might call AAA or another service to do it for you.

Your Engine Overheating

You should have engine coolant in your engine that will keep it cool when the weather warms up. If you leave your vehicle out in the blazing sun at the year’s hottest times, though, the coolant will only do so much.

Your engine might overheat and stall when you’re out on the highway. If that happens, you should probably call a tow truck. If you’re in an area without much around, you might wait quite some time till a truck arrives.

That’s why you should have a smartphone on you each time you drive so you can call for a tow truck if you require one. You should also have some supplies in the trunk, including water. You might need that if you’re waiting for a tow truck by the highway’s side in the blazing sun.


You should also watch out when you’re driving in rural areas. You never know when an animal might try crossing the road. You might hit a deer or something equally large if you’re in the woods or near them.

Domestic animals can also cross the road suddenly on local roads, so keep your eyes open as you drive through neighborhoods. If you drive slowly and carefully, you have more reaction time. You might save a pet’s life if you drive a little slower.

Obstacles in the Road

You must also watch out when you’re on the highway or local streets, as discarded car parts and other debris can sometimes show up on the road ahead. If a car hits another vehicle or the highway divider, parts may break off and lie all over the roadway. When the police come, they’ll try picking up the largest pieces, but you still might see some lying around.

If you hit some debris, that could cause a flat tire, or it could damage your vehicle. If you drive at a safe speed and keep your eyes open, you can usually avoid these incidents. You can swerve out of the way, provided you’re not in heavy traffic with cars on both sides.

If you avoid these issues, you should keep yourself and your vehicle safe.


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