5 Effective Tips for Finding the Best Car Accident Lawyer


Car accidents have been spiking at a rapid rate for the past two decades primarily because we have gotten reckless behind the wheel. Firstly, modern technology has put so many distractions inside the car that we find ourselves incapable of resisting to these temptations. It has been reported that one in five company drivers having car accidents are using their mobiles. Secondly, due to popular car racing films, it has become cool to drive fast and recklessly with utter disregard towards the traffic rules. When involved in a car accident that resulted in injuries or property damage, it is important to seek the advice of a skilled vehicular crime attorney who can help you understand your legal options and pursue compensation for your losses.

Hence, it is incredibly likely that every individual will be at the receiving or giving end of a car accident at least once in his life. As a result of this attitude, car accidents lawyers like Portland car accident attorney are experiencing an exponential increase in their business. Therefore, it can get quite overwhelming to choose the right attorney because so many lawyers are pretending to have expertise in car accident lawsuits. We have discussed here seven tips for finding out the best car accident lawyer so that the hiring process gets easier for you.

1. Use the internet

The Internet has brought us a lot of conveniences, and we would be fools to not use it to our advantage. Like you can find the best restaurant in town on the internet, you can also take a lot of help in finding the best car accident lawyer in town. All you have to do is look at the websites of various firms and browse for the reviews of the previous clients because that will provide a lot of valuable information. But, do not only rely on the online reviews on the firm’s websites because they can be staged. Instead, look at the general platforms for reviews of various car accident attorneys.

2. Look for referrals

Referrals are also a great way of finding the best accident attorney in town because you will be able to get the first hand review of what it was like to engage a particular attorney. Therefore, look into your family, friends, and colleagues that have used car accident attorneys in the past. You may end up with a few names because car accident settlements and lawsuits are quite common. You can then search the names of referred attorneys on the internet for more reviews because it will help you select the best attorney among the referred names.

3. Look for specialization

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is not going to cut it because even though car accident lawsuits come within the gamut of personal injury lawsuits, such lawyers are still not fully specialized in dealing with car accident lawsuits. Therefore, look for a personal injury lawyer who has exclusive specialization in dealing with car accident lawsuits because they will understand the nuances of such cases and will help you get the compensation for all kinds of damages incurred.

4. Prefer a local attorney

Hiring a competent local attorney will help you a great deal because he will have a strong local network of fellow lawyers, paralegals, and court employees. This may seem insignificant but having a strong local network of such individuals will prove to be really useful in streamlining your court proceedings. Moreover, a local lawyer will also be familiar with the judges at the city court, which will be a big plus if your case is tried in front of a jury.

5. Look for experience

Car accidents lawsuits are not always straightforward, as they have the tendency to get complex. Therefore, do not end up engaging a novice attorney who does not have enough cases under his belt. In such situations, experience matters a lot because experienced car accidents lawyers have gone through so many auto accident cases, that they have faced most of the legal conundrums already. Therefore, if your case gets stuck in a complex fix, an experienced attorney can still crack the lawsuit by tapping into his experience.

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