5 Gadgets You Need for Your Car


Gadgets are the in-thing for cars right now, so what top 5 gadgets do you need for your car in 2021?

What is a car without gadgets? Pretty boring, actually!

There is nothing better than having gadgets in your car to make your driving experience a bit more entertaining or increase the drive’s safety and the safety and functionality of your vehicle overall.

There are some top considerations you must look into when looking for specific gadgets for your car, as there is not much point in having something that does really serve any real entertainment or safety purposes.

Some of the elements you need to look into are:

  • Does it serve a purpose?
  • Will you use it?
  • Is it value for money?
  • Does it increase the safety of my journeys?
  • Is it something I need?

When you have answered all of these questions, you need to find the gadgets that will fall into most of these categories and decide whether the gadget will make your driving journeys that little bit better for all the people who travel with you.

Here are 5 of the top 10 gadgets to have in your vehicle for 2021!

In-car Hands-Free Gadgets

While most vehicles have the option to add in a hands-free device that generally runs through your radio system, there are additional gadgets you can add into your car that will enable you to easily make and receive calls from your mobile phone without having to tough the actual phone and break the law.

You will be able to find these gadgets in all shapes, disguises, and price points, but the best ones will have Bluetooth connectivity and be voice-activated.

They can be synced up to your car radio system to hear the calls, and you will have a device that you can sync to your phone to understand voice activation to enable you to be heard and send commands to it.


Satellite navigation gadgets have come a long way since their creation, and sat-navs these days can be added into your vehicle externally to allow you to find your way around areas you may not be familiar with.

They are generally a navigation device, but the ones that are linked to live time satellites will also have the ability to:

  • Detect your speed accurately
  • Give you alternative routes for your journey
  • Give you the best initial course for your journey in line with current conditions
  • Pinpoint your location accurately
  • Alert you to speed camera ahead
  • Signal when the speed limit changes
  • Alert you to delays on your journey with live-time suggested alterations.

Sat-navs are an essential gadget in cars these days and definitely, a top consideration for your next gadget purchase.

Dash Cams

Dash cams are an overall safety device that allows any journeys you make to be recorded in live time.

Dashcams can be a huge safety feature for your journeys regarding road safety and any potential accidents and incidents that may occur on your routes.

Dash cams are essential for accidents and injuries that occur on public roads. The evidence they collect is in live time, so anything that happens that requires an insurance claim can be backed up by the video evidence that the dashcam collects. The proof can also be requested if there is something that ends up in court as admissible evidence.

Dashcam footage can be downloaded and professionally investigated to either prove or deny road incidences and may help to speed up any insurance claims that are required as part of the incident or accident it sees.

In-car entertainment

Having in-car entertainment available to your passengers can be incredibly helpful if you travel long distances with passengers.

You can get in-car entertainment in the form of headrest DVD players and screens to keep passengers and children occupied on long journeys.

You can also get in-car gadgets that link up to any in-car wifi there may be, so there is the potential that you can watch live tv and online channels too.

It is important to note here that in-car entertainment is designed for passengers in the vehicles and not to distract the driver in charge of the vehicle, so it is essential not to have the screens in a position that will distract the driver.

All-round Car Cameras

There is nothing worse than having a restricted view when you are trying to maneuver your car into a parking space, to parallel park or indeed navigate your way through a busy environment.

Having cameras installed in your vehicle that can give you a full-round view of your car on-demand can help you avoid accidental but awkward scrapes and scuffs that can happen when you are trying to park a car in a tight spot or navigate through busy streets.

You can obviously reduce any niggly insurance claims, save you time and money, and assist you in some tight driving spots.


In-car gadgets are a great addition to any vehicle. They can come in all shapes and disguises and provide so much more function to your journeys than a standard car can. Of course, some of these gadgets may be offered as an optional extra on a new car purchase, but they can also be purchased to be installed externally too!

Not only can they enhance entertainment value in your vehicle for your passengers or keep children entertained on long car journeys, but gadgets can also increase the safety and spatial awareness of your car and make your journeys way more safe and efficient.

Always make sure that there is a necessity for your next car gadget and that you will actually get some good use out of it!

Make sure that your in-car gadgets are not a distraction to the driver. Concentration is the most crucial consideration when looking at your next in-car gadget.


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