5 Popular Vintage Corgi Toys Models to Add to Your Collection Now!

Having ultimate collectables in your assortment is the dream of every diecast enthusiast. Those miniature automobiles, when crafted with details, look like artistic masterpieces. However, picking a model that looks incredible and has a vintage touch can be challenging. You may be confused among many options of Corgi Models.

What if you could get a scoop on true gems? If you nodded yes, keep reading this blog to learn about the timeless treasures of Corgi Toys. Skillfully designed, these miniatures will take you back to the golden days when car styling was picking up pace and fanatics worldwide were awe-inspired by the craftsmanship of real models.

Timeless Treasures & the Giant of British Toy-making– Corgi Toys

Before the next chapter unfolds, let’s first spare a minute to appreciate the legacy of the British diecast model company Corgi Toys. Established in 1956, these exquisite models gained popularity the moment their first model was launched. Their attention to every detail, combined with high standards of accuracy, make every miniature a true replica of the actual piece.

For years, these models have gained immense popularity among diecast enthusiasts.

Therefore, if you are searching for top models that deserve a place in your collection, here are the finest vintage pieces from Corgi that every collector must own:

Porsche Carrera 6 for the Race Car Lovers

To understand the innovation of this brilliant car model, you need to go a little into the flashback. This racing car was actually the idea of Ferdinand Peich, the visionary grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. Many race car lovers may not know, but it was F. Peich only who took charge of the Porsche racing team at the young age of 28. He then understood that the car’s weight determined the marvel of winning a race.

That’s why he designed 906 with glass fibre. Thanks to its weight (500kgs) and incredibly high performance, this car triumphed at both Daytona and the legendary Targa Florio. It has a place in the Porsche Hall of Fame, which is a true testament to its innovation and engineering prowess.

For anyone who loves racing cars, this diecast model is a must-addition. Plus, the British giant has given attention to minute details by designing an opening rear, which reveals the muscular engine. Being a miniature masterpiece that has contributed to motorsport history, you need to check out this superb piece right now.

The Corgi Toys’ Bestseller– Land Rover Breakdown Truck

One of the best-selling diecast models of Corgi Toys to date is the Land Rover Breakdown truck. It has surpassed even the James Bonds cars. Designed in the signature colours of the Land Rover brand, it’s a well-crafted model.

Additionally, Corgi has designed this product exceptionally well by giving it a fully-functional towing rig, a practical Rope, and a hook. These features keep the spirit and authenticity of the real-life Land Rover intact.

For enthusiasts, this classic is a cherished addition to their collection. Consider adding it to your list too.

Ford Mustang Competition Version– the Daddy of all Muscle Cars

The name remarkably sums up it all. This brilliantly designed car with a powerful V8 engine perfectly symbolises the muscle car era—no wonder Corgi Toys chose to launch the diecast version of this model.

Speaking of its legendary history, record-breaking sales, and iconic status, it instantly becomes a focal point of every diecast collection.

Moreover, the competition version pays a timeless tribute to Ford Mustang’s popularity by featuring eye-catching red and white stripes, adding all its unique features from opening doors to jewelled headlights.

In short, it’s a must-have for every diecast enthusiast.

The Italian Ghia 5000 Mangusta

Ghia 5000 Mangusta was introduced in 1969. After the launch, its stylish two-toned body and gold stripes caught everyone’s attention. To add more elegance to an already impressive design, the manufactured, designed magnesium-style wheels make it a one-of-a-kind car in history.

This model showcases a perfect blend of engineering and craftsmanship, which every collector craves for. Its stunning aesthetics and association with the Italian sports car will add another masterpiece to your diecast collection.

All time Favourite– James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5

Are you a James Bond fan? Then, you must have watched the classic movie ‘Goldfinger.’ It was released in 1964, and DB5 only debuted with this film. Its sleek and timeless design was why this model surpassed the popularity of all sports cars of that time.

Apart from the nostalgic appeal, the diecast models are limited, which is why it has become a highly sought-after collectible for all enthusiasts.

If you are looking for iconic design and unparalleled style, this Aston Martin from Corgi Toys deserves a place in your collection.


There you have it, folks. That’s a compiled list of authentic Corgi toys diecast models that every vintage automobile model collector should own. Consider these options if you have been thinking of adding any model from the British Giant. No matter which one of these miniatures or any other brand you choose, your collection of miniature models will look incredible.