5 Practical Ways to Minimize Car Emissions


The beauty of nature is being hampered every day. Vehicle emissions are a primary reason behind damage to the environment and contributing to the greenhouse effect. As per the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a single-vehicle is reported to burn about one gallon of gasoline and produce 20 pounds of carbon dioxide.

What can we do to lower down the car emission? There are basically five efficient methods to reduce harmful gas effects.

Diminishing idle time

It is seen that when you leave your car open while idle, the vehicle emits carbon dioxide. It is best to avoid sitting idle while opening your car engine in a traffic light and shut down your vehicle when not in use.

Adapt Tier 4 Final Engine Technology

Diesel engines are indeed responsible for burning fuel for power which is the primary reason why it is nearly impossible to attain zero emissions. Accepting the challenges, the auto companies adopted Tier 4 Final Technology. Formerly, the diesel engines are designed to focus on mechanical work. But, with the introduction of the Tier 4 engine, a more significant change is noted. The principle working of this engine is to make the exhaust gas clearer so that one can breathe.

Make use of quality liquid fuel catalyst

Fuel catalyst is ideal for those who do not use hybrid or electric vehicles. If it is not of good quality, it will lead to harmful vehicle emissions. Fuel catalysts are responsible for improving engine power and enhancing fuel economy.

Do you drive smart?

While driving, make sure that the brake and gas pedal are working smoothly. Never press the accelerator quickly and drive slower than normal. This is a smart way to drive a vehicle as it also avoids any kind of accident as well as helpful in minimizing the emission of harmful gases.

Regular maintenance

If you go for a consistent maintenance of your vehicle, it definitely will run at its best. Check if the tires are rotating or not, if the oil has been changed, if the fluid is capped off and other regular tune-ups. When you maintain the vehicle properly, it will produce less emissions and increase fuel-efficiency, proving to be cost-effective.

Choose for an electric or hybrid vehicle

Why don’t you go for an electric or hybrid car? On comparing with a conventional gas vehicle, they have the power to save about 4000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

In a nutshell, Tier 4 Final technology engines are expected to reduce key pollutants like nitrogen oxides and particulate matters. The significance of such engines is increasing day-by-day, so why not go for them and contribute to the betterment of the environment.

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