5 Quick Tips For Dealing With Scrap Car Prices


Many people get attached to their vehicles that it’s hard for them when something wrong happens to their cars such as their beloved no longer being drivable. Accordingly, if you have a vehicle that’s no longer suitable for driving, you might be about to fix it. Still, your car is likely old, which means that the repair process would be expensive. And it’s presumably time to think about bidding farewell to it and searching for a new car to purchase.

If you’re considering selling it, keep in mind that people interested in buying an old car aren’t a significant figure. But the good news is there are different ways of selling a scrap car if you’re thinking of selling it to a scrap yard and making yourself available to the highest possible scrap prices you can get.

Moreover, if you plan to scrap your car, you need to determine what to sell and where it’s good to sell the different components. Plus, remember that you’ll need several tools to ensure you won’t put additional damage on it and you won’t hurt yourself.

Nonetheless, no matter the condition of your old car, it’s highly likely that you can get money for scrapping and selling it. Therefore, consider using the essential points below to help you get the best scrap car prices when you finally set yourself to sell your car parts:

1. Engine

One of the precious parts on your cart to scrap is the engine. It converts an energy source into motion such as electricity or fuel. The quick and familiar way to do this is to light a fire inside the engine. This way, internal combustion generates a massive amount of power in increasing gas. Remember that a broken engine part such as an oil pump, spark plug, or piston will intervene with the combustion. And this can result in your engine making odd noises, not starting, or overheating.

Nevertheless, with all of its critical roles, it’s apparent how valuable your car engine is. A complete rebuild of a car engine can cost you around USD$4,000. On the flip side, a total replacement can be worth around USD$7,000. Hence, the vehicle’s engine should be the first part you need to keep in mind when you decide to scrap your car to ensure the best prices.

Moreover, if your engine can still bring back to life with a few repairs, you should sell it to remanufacturers or rebuilders. If your car engine passes the inspection, the rebuilder or manufacturer will repair and sell it. And since they’re second-hand car parts, the car engines will cost less than their original prices, making them economical among replacement buyers.

2. Wheels And Tires

The wheels and tires are another valuable part of your car, which you can sell separately to get a higher amount of money. What’s more, they’re simple to get from your vehicle. And there are various ways to sell them depending on their condition, what you have, and how many people are willing to buy them.

For instance, when it comes to base-level steel wheels, they’re worth much lower to both potential second-hand owners and scrapyards. On the other hand, when it comes to aluminum alloy wheels, you can sell the wheels and tires as a collection to somebody who has the same model. This way, if both parts are in good condition, you’ll easily be able to sell everything and assure the higher worth of your scrap car prices in one shot without separating the tires from the wheels.

3. Airbags

Now that every vehicle marketed comes with various airbags, this has produced a substantial secondary market because of the high prices of brand-new airbags. And the most convenient airbags in your car are the front passenger’s airbag in the lower dash on the driver’s side, the driver’s knee airbag, and the driver’s airbag in the steering wheel hub. Moreover, body shops and auto recyclers are the main buyers for these airbags if you’re wondering who’s looking for these second-hand items.

In addition, if you don’t have prior experience in pulling out airbags from your car, you may consider leaving it to a professional to ensure you won’t damage them or hurt yourself. Because airbags have explosive devices that employ an electrical charge to fire, you should make sure there’s no live power in your vehicle or any sparks created when detaching them.

4. Catalytic Converter

The truth is there are precious metals in your vehicle, and you’ll find them in the catalytic converter. This item has been a part of most vehicles’ emission control apparatus since the 1970s and is now seen on nearly every car on the road today. The catalytic converter uses metals such as palladium, platinum, and rhodium to change the vehicle’s exhaust gases into substances that aren’t toxic.

Furthermore, if you’re wondering which people you should sell this item to get the most of it, you can go to buyers like auto dealers, muffler shops, salvage yards, auto recyclers, and auto repair shops.

5. Headlights And Taillights

Headlights and taillight collections today can be highly complex car parts. These items are highly costly when you purchase them as new parts, which means that the second-hand versions of these parts will maintain some decent value. For instance, if your vehicle has expensive Xenon, LED, or HID headlights, your headlight devices will be worth higher regarding the scrap car prices.

In addition, even the taillights in standard cars have expensive LEDs. And when these displayed parts on the rear and front of a car get hit and broken, most people find replacing them as the only option. For that reason, automotive recycling yards are the best buyers you should sell your headlights and taillights. If you’re thinking of other options, you may also consider selling them on eBay and other online selling websites where local and international customers can see and buy these quickly shippable car parts.

On A Final Note

If you have a car that’s no longer roadworthy, the best way of discarding it is scrapping the vehicle for parts. It’s a better thing to do because apart from getting some cash, you’ll save money from changing your malfunctioned car’s features and maintenance if you decide to keep it. Moreover, you could also help other people looking for car parts that might be hard to find.

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