5 Reasons for Road Raging. Can You Sue for it?

Road rage happens all the time for a variety of reasons with a variety of consequences. Whether or not you can sue another driver for road rage depends on several factors but before we get into that, let’s go over some of the reasons people experience road rage.

1. Perceived Anonymity

People are ruder while driving than they are in other areas of life because they feel like they have a degree of anonymity and think they will never see the other person again. this leads them into a false sense of security in which they feel that they will suffer no negative consequences for their actions. However, people who think this way are overlooking the fact that their license plate is visible for all to see and can be used to trace them.

2. Rudeness on the Road

There is a certain etiquette that people should obey when driving but some decide to ignore this and do things like cutting others off or pulling out in front of them. Even a simple act such as not using your turn signal can greatly inconvenience other drivers in the right situation. These acts of rudeness can cause those who feel victimized by them to go into road rage and attack the offending party either verbally or physically.

3. Impatience and Stress

Many driving situations can cause impatience and stress for drivers. Being stuck in traffic or having to wait a lengthy period on a bustling road before making a turn can cause people to become irritable. As this irritation builds up, they become more susceptible to having a road rage incident.

4. Being in a Hurry

If someone is in a rush to get somewhere, they may be more prone to having road rage. This is especially true if they are late for work or an important meeting. In cases such as these, anyone on the road that slows them down or inconveniences them is seen as an enemy. As a result, the driver that feels victimized may express their stress as road rage.

5. Accidents

Common causes of road rage accidents such as texting, driving while intoxicated, and tailgating, can lead to intense confrontations. No one likes being in an accident and the stress of the situation, combined with possible injuries, can result in one or more involved parties experiencing road rage.

Suing Someone for Road Rage

While you can sue anyone for any reason if you’re able to get a lawyer to take your case or if you’re willing to represent yourself, it typically isn’t a good idea unless you can prove that you suffered some form of personal injury. Many things can count as “personal injury” such as psychological damage, property damage, and actual injuries to one’s person. To determine whether or not you have a legitimate case, you should consult with a lawyer to examine both the extent of your personal injury and the proof you have of it.