5 Safety Tips To Protect Yourself When Selling Your Vehicle


When most owners decide to sell their car, they are most worried about how much money they’ll be able to get, since they’ve invested so much cash into the care. However, cost shouldn’t be the only concern. Since more scammers are on the pry looking for new victims, it’s easy to find yourself in an unfortunate situation, if you’re not vigilant. Here are five safety tips to protect yourself when selling your car.

1. Always Meet The Buyer In A Public Area

Once you’ve contacted the buyer and has arranged a meeting, always ensure the meeting takes place in a well-populated, and well-lit place, for instance, a grocery parking lot in mid-day. This can lower the risk of car theft with more witnesses around to prevent scammers from taking your vehicle by force. Never meet a potential buyer at your home address.

2. Always Insist On Cash Payments

Car scammers often use bad checks for getting a vehicle for free. Tell the buyers in advance that you only accept cash. You can also choose a bank deposit but verify with a bank if the money was paid electronically and not with a cheque. Don’t hand over the keys to your car if you’re not hundred percent sure the cash is in your hand. Or, you can sell your car through reputable car dealers Capalaba as a viable option.

3. Staying Vigilant During A Test Drive

Many prospective buyers will ask to take the vehicle for a test drive, which is understandable. However, this is also giving a nefarious scammer the ideal opportunity to try and steal your car. Always take a friend with you, and always accompany the buyer on the test drive. Be sure to ask for his driver’s license and take a photo if possible. With a license you can scan public records for a criminal history check.

4. Know What Your Vehicle Is Worth

Private buyers will always try to come down with the price and some will even try to convince you that the car’s book value is much lower than you know. They might even bring a mechanic with. Avoid this by evaluating your car beforehand so that you know precisely what your car is worth and has a foot to stand on during negotiations.

5. Make Use Of A Vehicle Buying Service

You might wonder which way would be the safest to sell your car without putting yourself at risk. You can avoid the middleman and sell the vehicle to a certified online buyer. Companies online can provide you with an immediate quote and will collect the car once you’ve accepted their offer. You may get less than you would otherwise through a private seller, but you can save yourself a lot of effort and time with not having to screen prospective buyers and making yourself vulnerable. Next time you’re considering selling your car, be sure to keep these tips in mind and prevent yourself from being scammed or hurt in the process.

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