5 Signs That You Need to Buy New Golf Cart Batteries


Today, several people are interested in golf, and you will find them navigating the courses. As they visit the course, there will be a high demand for golf carts. And since golf carts will be used, golf batteries will be used too. You must get rechargeable batteries from a reliable Golf Cart Garage if you want to enjoy golf.

Still, you have to ensure you understand when to recharge the batteries. Here are five things you need to look out for to replace the batteries.

The Charge Times Are Longer

Like other rechargeable batteries, the battery will not function correctly after frequently charging the battery. Batteries are made of certain chemicals, and they will have a specific lifespan. If they are used several times, they won’t function the same way as they were new. The charger will be working overtime to ensure the batteries give you the power you need irrespective of the battery’s age. The golf cart will take a long time to charge if the battery dies. If it can’t give you the performance you need or find yourself waiting a long time to get a full charge, you will have to replace the battery.

Golf Cart Won’t Start Automatically

When you step on the gas on a golf cart, you will expect it to speed off quickly. It needs to move when you press on the pedal gently. But it needs to reach high speeds even when it’s not moving fast. When the batteries weaken, the golf carts won’t accelerate like before, and they may not reach high speeds as expected. You will find it challenging driving on bumpy roads. If you don’t get the power you need, you may have to buy new batteries. New batteries will improve their performance. A golf cart that has strong batteries will get you over hills and across valleys without hassles.

You Don’t Use the Batteries as Much as You Want

Even if you have weak batteries, the golf cart should see you through the entire golf course. This means it should cover a lot of ground. When a golf cart’s battery is new, the cart will cover seven miles, and you won’t have to think about recharging. If you have a golf game, it should not be interrupted because you have a weak battery. Once you notice you have weak batteries after a while, you need to replace them. You don’t want to be in a situation where you can’t get back because the batteries have died. Pushing a golf cart is challenging, especially if you have to push it up a hill. When you notice signs of trouble, you need to think about going back. You don’t have to play golf. It’s okay interrupting the game than being stranded in a course with a heavy golf cart.

Visual Signs are Visible

When you encounter a golf cart problem, you will have to deal with several other issues. New batteries won’t weaken your cart. If you notice some problems, seek visual evidence. Batteries that have issues will swell, enlarge, and even crack. If this occurs, you need to handle the batteries with caution while wearing gloves. Batteries that have rust on top should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned. The corrosion can lead to weak connections. If you detect gaining or losing power when you get to a bump, make sure the battery is cleaned. If there is a sign of corrosion, batteries could leak acid. The acid can be harmful and, in some cases, cause property damage. If you want to keep your batteries strong, you should wipe them monthly. You can purchase a brush for cleaning purposes and a rag for wiping the battery. If you notice leaking acid, you should remove the battery as soon as possible and buy a new one. It would be best if you disposed of the battery correctly as the batteries can be dangerous to the atmosphere since it is made of lead-acid.

People are Using the Radio A lot

If the golf carts have lights, radios, or any electrical element, they should not be switched when the golf cart isn’t moving. It is similar to driving a vehicle, electrical devices can use a lot of energy, and your battery will be drained, especially when the engine isn’t running. If the carts are powered by petrol, you will need to jump-start them when the batteries are dead. If you have several golf carts, the situation will not be ideal. It would be best to remind anyone who has your golf cart that they should never switch on electrical devices when the cart is not moving.


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