5 Signs You Need Tire Repair

Tires have certainly come a long way over the last century and change. They used to be very rigid and very thin. Some of the first tires were actually just strips of rubber draped and stretched over a round wheel, no air at all, so one can only imagine how uncomfortable those rides were. Probably an upgrade from the days of wooden wagon wheels, but likely not much of an improvement. Today’s tires are feats of modern engineering, however, and built to last a long time. They provide a safe, stable, smooth ride, with a tread developed to last for tens of thousands of miles. These tires handle turns well in most all of the elements, and can stop very quickly.

Though for as good as tires actually are, there still comes a point when they start to get old and fail. If you own your automobile long enough, you’re going to deal with tire issues. This fact is simply an inevitability of life. So, you may end up needing some tire repair. But how do you know when it’s time to take your car into the shop? Here are a few signs to look for so that you know when it’s time to seek repair options.

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5 Signs That Your Tires Need Repair

1: A Warning Light

For most newer automobiles, 2008 and up, there’s a warning light that’s going to come on to signal that something’s wrong with your tires. A lot of these lights will not specify what the issue is. Just like the “check engine” light could be anything from a gasket to your alternator or radiator, the tire warning light could indicate low pressure, misalignment, and more. If that light does happen to pop on, make sure you’re taking your automobile into the mechanic shop.  Be sure to check out bridgestone motorcycle tyres melbourne as well.

2: A Bumpy Ride

People who drive a lot are going to find that sometimes they’re on a road that just won’t allow you to avoid a bumpy ride. It’s inevitable on gravel or some back street. Though if you’re riding on a perfectly smooth interstate and the ride is still bumpy, then this is a surefire sign that you probably need to see about tire repair. There are all sorts of issues that can cause this, and none of them are really good news for your tires. The quicker you get on this, the faster you can get it fixed.

3: Low Tread

Thankfully for drivers everywhere, you should be able to spot low tread. If you cannot and have no idea what that would look like, just go to the Internet and look at a picture of a standard-issue car tire, and then at a picture of a race car slick. If your tire on your automobile is looking anything similar to that tire on the race car, then you know you’re in a little bit of trouble. Not only are these tires more likely to lose control while being harder to stop your care when braking, but they’re also very easy to puncture.  If you are in this situation be sure to look for tyre shops open Sunday.

4: Bad Mileage

Let’s say that your car is supposed to get 30 kilometres to the gallon, and for a while, it did what it said, more or less. Well, something you might not know is that having bad tires can negatively affect this performance. If you start getting 10 kilometres less than advertised, it might very well be the tires. Yes, it could also be your fuel injection system, fuel pump, or several other issues, but you will still want to get your tires looked at soon.

5: Sidewall Cracks

This issue is the easiest one to explain. Get down there and really look at your tires in a good light. Do you see cracks, perhaps small little lines that look like spider webs? These are sidewall cracks, and it can indicate dry rot or other serious issues. Take your car in to have your tires inspected right away if this issue presents.

Overall, it’s fairly easy to maintain tires that function well and that are safe for you to drive on. Just always be vigilant and check your tires regularly, making sure that they’re not damaged. If so, you can easily find a quality spot to take your car for those repairs.