5 Supercars to impress any girl on a First Date

The first date is all about impressing the girl you like. You want to make a statement. You want her to realize that you’re a great guy. Everybody has a different way of doing that. Still, there are some universal solutions like supercars. If you show up in a supercar, that girl won’t know what’s happening. Even if she isn’t into cars, these five supercars are a status symbol, so she’ll be impressed.

McLaren 720S

Just three years ago, McLaren presented their new beast – the 720S. Don’t worry, if you show up in “the old” McLaren 650S on a first date, she’ll still be impressed. But 720S is so good you have to hear some fascinating things about it. It can go from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.9 seconds. You blink once in 2.9 seconds. Imagine that speed. What’s even more fascinating is the fact it can go from 0-200 km/h (124 mph) in 7.8 seconds. It takes you more to walk to the bathroom than McLaren 720S takes to go faster then most of the regular cars can go. Do you want to know the maximum speed of this bad boy? 341 km/h (212 mph)! If driving in a car that can show its full power only on the racing track isn’t enough to impress her – run away. Or better yet, drive away, something is wrong with that girl.

Aston Martin DB9

When something is made to be a competition to Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari F430, you can be sure it’s a supercar. Also, you can be sure it will impress the girl on your first date. Many consider Aston Martin as the most elegant of all supercars, so even girls who aren’t into cars or money will appreciate DB9’s elegant lines. If you think this car is just about looks, get ready. It can go a little over 300 km/h (186 mph). It’s driving abilities are so good that you can give it to the girl you first met, and she’ll be able to go it without any problem. Knowing that this car is used for racing makes it even more impressive. Skilled drivers won many FIA GT championship races in it. You most likely won’t win any races driving the classy Aston Martin DB9, but you’ll win her 100%. An Aston Martin sure is a very impressive car. But your date will be more impressed to learn about how much it costs to maintain cars like this. Find out more by reading our article about the Top 10 Most Expensive Supercars to Maintain.

Honda NSX

Honda NSX is so good it’s been on the road since 1990. Every year this supercar was getting a bit better, but it was pricey, so after just 2 of these cars were sold in 2007, Honda decided to call it a day. Nine years later, they’ve decided to make the second generation of Honda NSX. Since then, we got to see a new NSX every year. Some people don’t like it because it’s a Japanese car, but let’s face it, this car is amazing. Batman would drive it. Most of us will never see it. Even a smaller percentage of us will drive it. If you can come to the first date in Honda NSX, you can cancel the reservation for dinner. She’ll want to go for a ride. When she hears the sound of this hybrid supercar, she’ll be so impressed you’ll become her prince charming immediately. The only difference? You’ll sit on 600 horses instead of 1.  Also, learn more about the most reputable wypłacalne kasyno online.

Porsche 911

Porsche 911 is one of the most famous supercars ever made. Maybe even the most famous. Everybody knows how good it is. It’s elegant, but still, sporty lines impress people all around the world. And it’s selling like crazy. The Porsche 911 is evolving year after year, but some things will never change. This supercar holds on to the road like it’s glued to it. Even when you’re driving like a maniac (don’t test its limits, accidents happen, it’s not worth losing your life). Also, you have the best chances to sit behind the steering wheel of 991 than any other supercar on our list. It’s popular for so many years that you can surely find a 911 you can afford. Maybe just to rent it for a night. It’s a win-win for you. Not only you’ll have a chance to drive the most popular supercar, you’ll impress the girl on your first date.

E-type Jaguar

E-type Jaguar has been around for so long it’s probably older than you. We mean its first generation from 1961. Old E-type Jaguar might be older than the girl you’ll date (it was produced between 1961 and 1975), but it’s still a supercar that will impress any girl on the first date. If you love new things, get yourself an E-type concept zero from 2017. It’s the most beautiful electric car on the planet. You’ll be so impressed by it that you might forget to go on a date. But don’t do it because this car guarantees success on the date.

There are many more cars that are status symbols and can be used to show that special person you’re special too. If you’ve just connected with someone special and are going all out to impress them, here is a list of five supercars prepared by beyondthecharter.com.