5 Tips on How to Pass a Driving Test on Your First Attempt


Taking the driving test can be nerve-wracking. Are you excited to get that test done so you can start to test drive new cars?  Worry no more, check out on these 5 tips on how to pass a driving test at your first attempt.

The cost of a driving license in the USA can be anywhere up to $1000.

With so much money invested in it, it can feel like the pressure’s on to pass your test first time and put the learning part behind you.

When you have no experience with it, it can be difficult to know how to pass a driving test on the first attempt.

As daunting as it seems, it’s completely possible! Many people manage it, and it’s usually those who’ve done their research.

Take a deep breath, take your time, and keep these important driving test tips in mind.

1. Do Not Sit the Road Skills Test in an Unfamiliar Car

Cars can be unpredictable. They can break down on the verge of something important, or a fault can be found you didn’t know about.

If this happens, try not to put yourself in a position where you have to sit the road skills test in an unfamiliar car. Have a backup.

You might be confident in your driving, but cars can feel more different than you expected.

They also usually vary in size, so you need to be aware of how much road space you’re taking up, especially during those maneuvers.  Also make sure you consider a CDL permit practice test if your going for a commercial license.

2. Research Your Specific State to Find out How to Pass a Driving Test

Although the road skills test is fairly standard across the USA, states can differ slightly in how tests are carried out.

The Virginia Road Skills test, for example, is considered harder to pass than the road skills test in most other states.

Therefore, it’s important to do your research. It might also be an idea to look up reviews of other people who’ve sat the same test.

You’ll know what to expect, and know if there’s anything your state might be stricter or more lenient on.

3. Do Not Panic Over a Mistake

It’s easy to make a mistake and think the rest of the test doesn’t matter because you probably already failed.

It’s a bad attitude to have though!

Driving tests allow for mistakes. Even if you think you might have just failed, push on in case you haven’t.

You might end up surprised.

4. Keep Your Distance

Don’t be tempted to get too close to the car in front of you. You should at least be able to see their wheels, but further away is better.

This is one of the most important tips for passing a driving test that people often forget.

You might be confident in your reflexes, but the person beside you still won’t like that too-close creeping.

5. Assess Junctions Correctly

One of the easiest ways to fail a driving test is at a junction. Observe the signs, and carefully assess which type of junction you’re at.

Being more hesitant is less likely to cause a fail than pushing ahead.

Make sure to stop for crossings too!

Above All Else, Keep Calm

Driving tests can be intimidating. The most important thing is to control your anxiety.

Don’t let your nerves overwhelm you. If you make a mistake, don’t panic. If you’ve studied well and paid attention, you’ll be fine — it’s time to be calm and confident!

Now that you know how to pass a driving test, you may be starting to wonder more about cars, driving in general, and where you can go once you have your license.

For more driving and car tips, check out our blog!

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