5 Types of Edibles to Solve Your Food Cravings

Craving for sweet cannabis treats that you can just pop in your mouth all day? We’ve got you covered! There are many new kinds of edibles popping up from different dispensaries and cannabis brands like Zamnesia that you can choose from these days. It’s really just a matter of finding one that suits your taste. 

Want to find out what kinds of these treats are out there?  Well, have a closer look because we’ve got an entire list for you! Not only that, but we’ll also get you familiar with all the notable brands you can find today. 

What are The Different Types of Edible Kush?

1. Weed Gummies

Weed gummies are a popular cannabis treat that you can find in most dispensaries today. These are made the same way gummy bears are made. The only difference is one special ingredient (cannabis). 

You can find all sorts of weed gummies available on the market. They come in all shapes, colors, sizes, flavors, and doses. A typical weed gummy can contain up to 20mg of THC per piece. 

What’s great about this is how easy it is to store and bring around. You can keep it in your room for days without worrying if it will go bad. You can also pop one in your mouth discreetly if you’re looking to feel relaxed in a public spot. 

2. Cannabis Hard Candies

Just like weed gummies, cannabis hard candies are another great option if you’re looking for something that you can take bit by bit. The main difference between weed gummies and cannabis hard candies is the hardness or consistency. If you don’t like having to pick your teeth from sticky gummies, cannabis hard candies may be the best type of edible for you. 

Weed hard candies can also come in different doses and, depending on how much you’ll need, you can get cannabis hard candies with 15-25mg per piece. These usually come in small tin cans with around 15 pieces that you can eat as you please. What’s great about this bite-sized edible is how long it can last on your shelf. As long as you keep them in a cool spot, you can have potent hard candies for days

3. Weed-Infused Chocolates

Want something extra sweet? If so, weed-infused chocolate is the perfect treat for you. You can find different types of chocolate bars or caramel sweets completely infused with that THC we all love. 

Depending on which brand you get your weed chocolates from, you can get marijuana chocolates with up to 300 mg of THC per bar! What’s great about this type is that chocolate goes super well with everything! You can melt it and add it to a milkshake, grate it and top some hot cocoa with it, or pop some pieces of trail mix or snack mix. 

4. Cannabis Jellies

This popular option is pretty much like the soft weed gummies we mentioned earlier, but they’re more like plain jello instead of sugar-coated gummies. Cannabis jellies tend to be less sweet than hard candies and gummies, making them ideal for people who don’t want too much sugar in their cannabis treats. 

When you go and search for cannabis jellies, you’ll find an assortment of options that offer THC and CBD-infused gelatin candies. They also tend to come in bigger bites, so they might be a more attractive option for you if you’re looking for cannabis treats with higher doses. 

5. Marijuana Pastries

Cookies, pot brownies, or even Twinkie-like pastries are some of the best options out there if you’re looking for a treat with larger serving sizes. Weed pastries can also make you feel fuller than other small snacks we mentioned in this list. However, since most marijuana pastries come in high doses, we do not recommend you make a batch in one go unless your tolerance is high enough. 

You can get bags of marijuana cookies, brownies, and other pastries with as much as 400 mg of THC per pack. They’re definitely a great option if you’re looking for treats for a group or a small party. Weed pastries also make great outdoor snacks that can fuel you up and keep you relaxed for the rest of your day.

What are the Best Edible Brands in 2022?

Now that you know more about the different types of this edible that you can get today, let’s get you familiar with the best brands in 2022! Here’s a list of our most recommended weed edible brands.

1. High Dose

High Dose is known for producing one of the best-flavored gummies on the market today. As the brand’s name suggests, their gummy packs come with high doses of cannabis. Every pack of gummies can contain 500mg up to 1500mg of THC. Plus, they’re pretty easy to get since they’re sold by plenty of dispensaries.

2. Potluck

Potluck is another brand known for producing gummies that will give you manageable highs. However, aside from gummies, Potluck also makes the best packs of hard candy weed. All of their products come with medium THC doses that are perfect for getting you relaxed throughout the day. 

3. Mikro

If you’re looking for a more balanced option, Mikro may be the perfect brand for you. Mikro offers different flavored gummies packed with either THC or CBD or 1:1 of both. The doses of CBD and THC come in a 1:1 ratio means you’ll get equal effects of relaxing CBD and euphoric THC. 

How Much THC Do I Want in My Edible Kush?

Before we cap off this article, it’s important to know about the different effects each level of dosage can have on you. As you’ve seen, the different types can come with small doses of THC at 5mg per piece up to high doses at 25mg per piece. And since this product tends to have longer-lasting effects, it’s always better to take time to know how your body will react to different levels of doses. 

Here’s a quick list of effects that you may experience when you try eating these edibles at these doses:

1-2.5mg of THC

  • Mild pain relief
  • Mild anxiety relief
  • Enhanced focus
  • Enhanced creativity

2.5-15mg of THC

  • Stronger pain and anxiety relief
  • Increased state of euphoria
  • May impair coordination

15-30mg of THC

  • Strong state of euphoria
  • Likely impaired coordination

30-50mg of THC

  • Very high state of euphoria
  • Likely to be in an altered perception state

50-100mg of THC

  • High pain relief
  • Certain to cause impaired coordination and altered perception

Of course, you may still feel other effects like sleepiness, being uplifted, giggles, munchies, and other known THC effects depending on the type of strain used on the type of edibles you choose. Always remember to take only the amount of dosage that you can tolerate. 

Trying to eat in high doses that are beyond your tolerance levels can lead to negative and uncomfortable experiences. Fortunately, most types of weed edibles come in manageable, bite-sized pieces. You can always try a little bit and then eat a little bit more if you feel like you want stronger effects.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of different kinds of edible products that you can enjoy today and find at best online weed dispensary. Always remember, when it comes to ingesting marijuana products filled with THC, start slow with small doses. Edibles can hit harder than joints and bowls do, but their effects also take longer to kick in. Be patient when waiting for the effects to settle in and take your edibles one at a time. Lastly, if you ever feel like you want stronger effects, just eat more after graduation. Have fun with your edibles, visit us and enjoy your chill vibes!