6 Best Off-Road Truck Upgrades and Modifications for Beginners


Don’t get caught on an off-road adventure without a truck ready for the task. Shop off-road accessories to find out how to change your work truck or daily commuter into a powerful off-road rig. Cruise confidently over two-tracks and unforgiving terrain with these six upgrades and modifications.

1. Off-Road Tires and Rims

When it comes to off-road accessories, it’s best to start from the bottom and work your way up. A flashy light bar won’t do you much good if your truck is stuck in a rutted road.

Check out rim and tire packages that match your local terrain. Choose a set that matches your current wheel diameter or upgrade to a larger size with the help of a lift kit. Larger tires and wheels give you more clearance and better handling.

2. Lift Kit

While street-bound trucks use lift kits for trucks as a fashion statement, an off-road truck enjoys more clearance with this essential upgrade. Put between one and 10 additional inches between your tires and your truck body for a sky-high view and additional rock clearance. Kits over a few inches require more extensive installation kits, like a new set of brake lines to span the distance.

3. Suspension System

Some lift kits come with new shocks, struts and springs, while others require a separate purchase. Consider purchasing a separate suspension system that offers the smooth performance you need in rocky terrain. Match your suspension and lift with your truck wheels and tires for a safe experience.

4. Winch

Even the most careful off-roaders are bound to hit a snag. An unexpected crevice, mud pit or ditch can quickly bog down your truck and leave you spinning your wheels. Don’t rely on tow straps and another truck to come along and save you, but use a winch to pull your truck out of these situations.

Size your winch appropriately to avoid damaging it. Choose a winch that can pull more than the weight of your truck. Follow the included instructions to stay safe as you operate it.

5. Exterior Protection

Most off-road experiences include a few spin-outs and unexpected rocks. While these obstacles are routine, the damage they can do to the body of your truck can be a costly issue. Avoid severe scratches, scrapes and dents with steel body protection. Here are some common items to add to your truck for a rugged off-road rig:

  • Skid plate
  • Bull bar
  • Fender flares

6. Light Bar

Light up your path with an aftermarket lighting solution. Blazing trails can be a thrilling experience during the day, but incredibly challenging after the sun goes down. Whether you planned a late-night ride or got caught off guard, use a light bar to see clearly in the direction you need to go.

Compare Leading Off-Road Accessories Online

There are dozens of helpful modifications and accessories to make more of your off-road expedition. Start with these six accessories and shop online to compare prices, reviews and fitment guides for an easy DIY project. Take on more challenging trails with the right equipment, safety gear and durable off-road protective accessories.

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