6 Steps for Selling Your Old Vehicle to a Car Recycling Center


If your faithful old lemon has finally seen it’s last road trip, a car recycling center is the best place for it. Here’s how to do the right thing.

Each year more than 25 million tons of the materials recycled around the world come from old cars. For those looking to properly dispose of their vehicle, recycling can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

If your faithful old lemon has finally seen its last road trip, a car recycling center is the best place for it. Keep reading for six steps on how to do the right thing.

1. Remove All Contents

Before you give it away, make sure to remove all items from your car. Don’t forget to check concealed places like the glovebox, consoles, and CD player.

Additionally, take care of all necessary paperwork. This includes removing the title of ownership and canceling your auto insurance policy. Also, be sure to remove the car’s license plate.

2. Determine Which Parts Are Salvageable, If Any

Just because your car is totaled or no longer runs doesn’t mean every square inch is rendered useless. While this may take extra work and elbow grease, there are likely functioning parts you can save and resell on your own.

This includes the battery, tires, windshield, oil filters, or tire changing kit. Always be careful when dismantling equipment and use caution to avoid injury.

3. Research Places of Interest

Once it’s ready, research car recycling centers that will take it. The Internet or local directory should contain options, or you could ask your mechanic for recommendations. Call ahead to ensure your car will be accepted.

While restoration is a possibility, scrap metal centers will break it down to utilize for other purposes. Many places will gladly accept your vehicle and offer cash on site.

4. Ensure It’s Accredited

With that said, make sure you’re donating your car to a place that abides by proper legal and environmental standards. This includes a recycling center with a proper business license.

This also means the center will adequately dispose of your car by removing all fluids and appropriately repurposing all metals.

5. Arrange Transportation

This goes both ways. Of course, if you’re giving away your car you’ll need to seek a new ride for future travel. As far as your old car determine how you will transport it.

If it’s no longer is drivable, arrange transportation whether you need to tow it or if it will be picked up for you. Places like ABC Towing/Cash 4 Junk Cars will conveniently pick up your old car free of charge, learn more at ABCCASH4JUNKCARS.NET.

6. Consider Donating

While you may no longer find a use for your old car, this doesn’t mean it has to be the end for your automobile’s lifespan. Even if it requires extensive repairs, there are many organizations that gladly accept old car donations.

Although this option won’t leave you with a profit, you can still use the receipt to claim as a deduction come tax season.

Finding the Best Car Recycling Center

It can be hard to part with your longtime travel companion, especially when it holds sentimental value. Taking your old vehicle to a car recycling center, however, is the best method when the right steps are taken.

Whether it’s choosing a new car or keeping up with the latest trends, here we keep you in the know. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful tips and articles about the automotive industry.


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