6 Tips for Handling Customer Reviews Through Feedback Form


Successful organizations rely upon analysis, whether or not it begins from customers, individuals by and large, its own laborers, or its events. Through analysis structures, you can accumulate information and use it to make a prevalent working environment, increase your business viability, and offer more capable help. To guarantee you get real analysis, you need an info structure format that gets the whole of the relevant information. With a solid grouping of information structure designs, you can investigate one of our variety of test analysis structures or start with an essential information structure. Using the feedback form MightyForms, you can then totally plan and change your own information structure. Endeavor one of the free online analysis structure designs today!

1. Track Comments Consistently and Identify Trends with Custom Fields

If you’ve used a template, you already know what custom fields look like. To edit or add them, just click the blue Add Custom Fields button at the top of your project.

Custom fields help you track key information about each task and then sort and filter your project, just like you might with columns on a spreadsheet. For example, fields such as feeling, usability, source, and priority can help your team analyze customer feedback and prioritize effectively.

To quickly get an idea of ​​how customers are feeling without performing any analysis, you can sort your project by custom fields. You will then be able to identify comments that require concrete action or find customers to contact.

2. Easily Collect any Comments with Forms

Feedback is essential to improving your offering, solving problems, and learning more about your customers’ needs. This is however complicated if the monitoring is not homogeneous and centralized. To avoid these inconveniences, you can create a feedback form using a free form builder available online that will be directly connected to your customer feedback project.  With this form, you are sure to collect feedback in a consistent manner and your teams have all the details to take the necessary actions and analyze all the data.

3. Make it Easier for Customers to Send Comments with your Form

Forms can be submitted by anyone (even by non-Asana users) as long as the person has the link to the form. Make sure customer contact teams know they should send the link to the form instead of handling email returns. Your customers will feel like they are being listened to, without your team facing an out of control inbox.

4. Use Integrations so that Comments sent by Email can be Used

If you’re still receiving customer feedback via email, use the Asana Extension for Gmail or the Outlook app to easily turn those emails into tasks within your project. If you are using a different email client, forward your emails to specific projects to create tasks.

5. Organize Customer Feedback over Time

While custom fields and forms help you get started with organized comments, designating a project owner who will regularly review the comments received helps keep things organized. You can assign it a recurring task telling it to perform this sorting.

While sorting, if he sees comments similar to others that have already been made, he can merge the tasks and avoid duplicate follow-up.

6. Take the Necessary Measures More Quickly

Not all comments require immediate action, but if appropriate, the project owner can assign the task in question and add a due date to it. This task will already include all the necessary context and the expectations will be clear. No need to go back and forth to understand the situation, problems are resolved faster and customers are more satisfied.

What is the Best Way to use Feedback Form?

Online feedback forms are the easiest to use, especially if you do a lot of your business through your website or online stores. Sometimes a store or sales channel that you use might have its own reviews feature, like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy.

But if you want to ask personalized questions and collect more statistics, you can use online survey apps like feedback form mightyforms. You can also use existing code to create your own.

No matter what tools or methods you use, the important thing is that it is simple for your customers to understand and use. Otherwise, you won’t collect a lot of feedback.

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