6 Tips To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your Car


There are, undoubtedly, many things that could go wrong while driving. However, locking yourself out of your car may be one of the most frustrating and inconvenient experiences you can ever have.

Unsurprisingly, car lockouts are widespread, especially in today’s fast-paced world. You can easily lose track of your car keys. Those who haven’t locked themselves out of their vehicles should consider themselves quite fortunate.

Here are some tips to prevent getting locked out of your car:

1. Replace Faulty Locks Or Keys

It’s important to note that locks can suffer from wear and tear, much like other mechanical parts of a vehicle. Door locks, particularly in older cars, may fail at inconvenient times, preventing you from locking or unlocking the vehicle.

Furthermore, if your door locks are of poor quality, they may malfunction easily, and your key may even break inside the lock. So, if you discover that opening your door requires much more effort, you might want to think about changing the lock. Have it repaired or replaced by contacting a reputable locksmith, such as Locksmith Plus In Vancouver WA or an alternative in your locale.

Moreover, it could be that the key is faulty. In that case, the locksmith would have to replace the car key. But, they may also have to fix or replace the ignition.

2. Always Use The Fob

It’d help if you established a rule that you’ll only lock the car with the fob to avoid locking yourself outside. This strategy is effective since you can only use the fob when you have your keys. So, as you get out of the car, check quickly to see if you have the keys with you.

3. Replace Fob Batteries Regularly

If you observe that the fob isn’t functioning correctly, it could be a hint that the battery needs to be replaced. It’s normal for your fob’s batteries to run out over time if you use them frequently. It’d be best to replace the fob batteries regularly to avoid them becoming flat. However, if the fob stops working, you should check to see if the car’s battery is still working because if it’s dead, the fob won’t function.

4. Have Spare Keys

Woman Forgot Her Key Inside Car

Accessing your car after locking yourself out isn’t a pleasant experience. So, in order to prepare yourself for such instances, you need to have a set of spare keys. You can keep them safely at home or give them to someone you trust. You’ll need your spare keys in an emergency, so you need to keep them in an accessible place or with someone who can bring them to your location.

Some cars come with an original set of spare keys. But, if yours doesn’t, contact a professional auto locksmith and have them prepare spare keys for you. Remember, not all keys can be duplicated at your local hardware. Therefore, you’ll need the hands of an experienced locksmith.

5. Always Cross-Check Before Exiting Your Car

It’s normal for people to misplace their keys at home or work. However, the most prevalent cause of lockouts is when people forget their keys in the ignition or on their car seat. Therefore, the best thing you can do to prevent a car lockout is to ensure you always have your keys with you. It’d also be wise to include a bright key holder to help you keep track of your keys.

If you’re the type of person who always keeps their car keys in their pocket or handbag, you’ll need to establish a routine to ensure that you have your keys before leaving the car. Developing this practice will significantly lower the chances of you locking your keys inside the car.

6. Use Smart Lock Mobile Applications

The best way to avoid getting locked out of your car is to not use or be dependent on your keys. Some modern cars are outfitted with intelligent systems that allow their owners to connect their vehicles to a mobile application. This eliminates the need for car keys entirely. Users can lock and unlock their cars with their mobile phones. You don’t have to worry about leaving your keys in the car when you have a vehicle that can be operated remotely via a smartphone.


Car lockouts are relatively common, but it doesn’t make them any less inconvenient. Nonetheless, you can avoid locking yourself out by doing the abovementioned things. You should have backup keys stored at home or with a trusted person. Also, make sure you have a functional lock and develop a routine to ensure you have your keys with you at all times. Having a locksmith on call in an emergency would also be handy.




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