6 Underrated Driving Watches that Every Aspiring Racer Should Know


Since the start of racing, timekeeping has played a significant function in the automotive industry.  So, it is not a surprise anymore if we see timepiece manufacturers create elegant and unique timepieces that connect in the world of racing.

While some wristwatches focus on history with their traditional designs, others are modern and sleek watches that tie with today’s motorsports. That said, this list of timepieces below demonstrates that regardless of their origin, iconic watches for speedsters possess a style that is capable of lasting for generations.

Corse Evolution by Ducati

Although this timepiece is not technically automobile-inspired, the Ducati Corse Evolution undoubtedly has a racing legacy. Ducati asserts that their Corse chronograph is committed to racers who want to improve their performance constantly.

The dark and red-trimmed appearance of this watch invokes a vintage racing touch to match the dynamic bike racing history of Ducati.

Grandrally Chronograph by Zodiac

This watch by Zodiac pays tribute to the excellent racing chronographs by Swiss manufacturers from the 1970s. The Grandrally Chronograph has a cushion-formed case, a stylish silver dial with diverging blue subdials, along with a date complication.

A high-quality quartz movement powers this wristwatch, and it has a brown strap made of leather with a ribbed texture that complements its retro appeal.

Chronoris by Oris

This automatic wristwatch has an alluring retro style,  emphasized by a 39mm case with a notable shape, including a pair of crowns. The Oris Chronoris pays homage to the Swiss manufacturer’s racing-inspired timepieces from almost 50 years ago.

This timepiece has an excellent automatic movement, a date complication, as well as a power reserve that can last for 38 hours.  This specific Chronoris version highlights an amazingly comfortable strap along with its Oris marked buckle that completes its nostalgic fashion.

Caliber 16 Formula 1 by Tag Heuer

A dedicated racer should be firm, speedy, and agile. And so should a racing watch. This 44-millimeter racing wristwatch features an elegant steel case with dark Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating and a midnight dial with luminous indexes.

Also, this timepiece includes a tachymeter scale and an autonomous-winding movement, which unquestionably satisfies the desires of every aspiring racer.

The Tag Heuer’s Caliber 16 Formula 1 has a power reserve that can last for at least 40 hours and an exceptional racing chronograph along with a 12-hour counter, 30-minute recorder, and a 60-second subdial. Furthermore, to guarantee maximum precision throughout your day, Tag Heuer added a tiny date window at the watch’s 3 o’clock position.

Cosmograph Daytona by Rolex

The ever-popular watch brand created this timepiece back in 1963. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a popular option among pro racers. Besides its label, this timepiece has been remarkable to many because of its chronograph features.

With a 4130 chronograph movement, Cosmograph Daytona allows its wearer to mark elapsed time as well as their average driving speed by utilizing the tachymeter function on the bezel.

Stradale by Autodromo

Autodromo is a classic watch brand and an enterprise leader in producing watches that seem like dash gauges.

The maker’s Stradale version is a vintage, emphasizing a two-tier dial style, an orange-colored minute hand, and a pair of screws in the middle, which gives it the impressive features of an Italian speedometer attached to your wrist.

To Conclude

After the rise of motorized vehicles, men’s obsession with driving has evolved into life long pursuits, career, and passion.

As an effect, automotive timepieces have been prevalent in the watch market. Still, these watches are not similar to dive, field, and aviation watches since they seem flashier, more casual, and exotic. Hence, wristwatches for racing emit a rugged yet elegant vibe.


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