6 Ways That You Can Boost The Security Of Your Vehicle


Cars are a major financial dedication, costing the average driver thousands to maintain every year. With that in mind, the last thing anyone wants is to have their vehicle broken into and stolen from right from under their nose.

Although you may think your car is perfectly safe parked outside your home, there’s every risk it could be in danger if you don’t take the right precautions. For an idea of what those precautions are, keep reading.

Use A Steering Wheel Lock

Most of the time, car thieves don’t target anyone specific. They usually take a chance when they see an opportunity, rather than tailing someone and waiting to strike. However, given that there are over 100,000 vehicle theft offences a year, it’s clear that this kind of behaviour is still a major problem. That’s why it’s always good to have visible deterrents in your car.

One of the best things for this is a steering wheel lock. Many thieves won’t bother trying to break into a vehicle that has one of these because they know it will take them longer to make a getaway. They typically want to get in and drive off super quickly, something that obviously isn’t possible when there’s a wheel lock in the way.

Get Security Window Etching

Something else that acts as a good deterrent for thieves is security window etching. By having the logo of the International Security Register on all your vehicle’s windows, you make criminals more hesitant to break in.

If someone does still steal your car when you have this etching in place, you don’t need to worry too much. Each vehicle that uses this service has a unique code which the police can use for tracking. They have access to an around-the-clock database which significantly improves their chances of finding your car and getting it back to you in one piece.

Turn Your Wheels

The slower a thieve is able to escape with your vehicle, the more chance you have of stopping them. That’s why it’s recommended that you always turn your wheels towards the curb or other cars when parking.

Doing this makes it harder for someone to drive away because they have to do additional manoeuvres to get out of your driveway. They can’t simply reverse and flee, meaning you have more of an opportunity to intervene or call the police. This method might not stop a thieve from escaping with your vehicle, but it should improve the chances of them being caught by the cops.

Call A Locksmith

If you happen to lose your car keys, then you put the safety of your vehicle at risk. Fortunately, you don’t just have to sit around and wait for someone to come and steal your car. You can easily protect against any theft by calling 3D Autokeys.

As Nottinghamshire’s premier vehicle locksmith provider, they can quickly resolve your security problems through a variety of services. Whether you want replacement car keys or a complete overhaul of your vehicle’s locking system, they can come to your rescue. They can also provide additional security measures, including deadlocks, trackers, and immobilisers, on top of other services like car keys repairs and car key battery replacement.

With all this help, no-one will be able to just get in your car and drive away with it, even if they stole your original keys.

Install Motion Sensor Lighting

A great way to stop thieves from trying to take your vehicle is to spook them when they get nearby. You can achieve this by installing motion sensor lights around your car.

A couple of these in the driveway ought to make a lot of people stop dead in their tracks. It’s not a foolproof method by any means, but it’s bound to impact most small-time thieves. Plus, it may well alert you or one of your neighbours to activity happening outside, which can also prevent things from escalating further.

Put Up CCTV Cameras

You can also try to warn thieves away from your vehicle by advertising that they’re being watched on CCTV. Find somewhere discreet to set up one of these cameras, and you’ll always have footage of anyone who tries to break in.

This, combined with some motion sensor lighting, is a great way to scare thieves away from your car at night. You could even refrain from buying the CCTV cameras but putting up a warning sign regardless to try and trick other people. However, just be aware that if someone still goes ahead and steals your car, you won’t have footage catching the criminal in the act.

From helpful devices to simple parking methods, there are plenty of ways that you can protect your vehicle from thieves. Individually, these strategies might not be 100% effective. However, when combined, they can work wonders to stop other people from breaking in and making off with your car.

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