7 Car Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Car


As much as you look after your kids and pets, you have to pay equal attention to your car as well to ensure a smooth driving experience for months or even years to come. While buying a vehicle, you get a manufacturer’s manual that states all the car maintenance requirements that you must pay heed to on a regular basis.

However, with a hectic schedule, we all tend to overlook these instructions and skip on regular checkup of tires, fluid levels, oil change requirement, and so on. Remember, if you are not paying attention to your car’s maintenance, you should be mentally prepared to pay heavy costs later on. For all the car-obsessed people, here are the top seven car maintenance tips to extend the life of your car and prevent it from breaking down suddenly.

Read Thoroughly the Manufacturer’s Manual

Most car owners make the basic mistake of overlooking the manufacturer’s manual. The manual has tons of car maintenance information that can ensure smooth functioning of the vehicle. From the oil change interval to fluid filters, everything is mentioned in the manual. No one wants to get the car serviced by non-proficient workers; but if you don’t keep a daily check, you will have to bear the costs as well as loss.

Maintain the Car Body

Scratches, rusted paint, and other minor damages to the car body are inevitable. However, if you want your car to shine forever despite the minor or major accidents, you can always rely on a hand polisher. Among the best polishers, Meguiar’s Pro Power Polisher stands out but there are a lot of others as well. You can read more about it here. It is a one-time cost that will save your car body in the long term.

Your Driving Style Matters A Lot

For an extended car life, you have to keep a few little things in mind. Driving fast and applying brakes all of a sudden on speed breakers can put extra stress on the internal components of the vehicle that can wear off soon. Other than that, driving on extremely rough and tough surfaces can make the tires wear off quickly.

Never Put off Car Repairs

Neglecting car repairs can further aggravate the situation of the car. With a failing radiator system, you are sure to end up into a catastrophic condition of the engine. Ignoring the squeaky sounds and overhearing the peculiar engine sounds can lead to greater damage. Therefore, you must get the car fixed before it is too late.

Change the Filters Regularly

After a specified time, filters need to be replaced. Filters prevent dirt and debris from entering into the engine. Air filters ensure clean air to enter the car, while oil and fuel filters block out abrasive sediments. Check the owner’s manual to know when you should get the filters changed.  AutoExpro.com has reviewed the top-rated fuel filter available in the market right now. read the detailed review before replacing the fuel filter.

Inspect the Tires

It is imperative to be vigilant of the air pressure as well as condition of the car tires. You need to check them regularly. Also, keep a check on tire rotation—that should be according to owner’s manual. In addition, tires play an important role in car alignment so keep that in check to prevent wobbling of the car.  BE sure to always look at wheel alignment near me for the best services.

Keep Up the Car Fluid Levels

Besides the fuel level, you need to check other things like transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator coolant and more. What is the standard fluid level for each of them? When should you replace the fluids? All these questions are answered by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual for your convenience.

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