7 Exciting Things to Do in Kentucky State in 2021


Kentucky, also known as the Bluegrass state, has a rich history, diverse geography, and a wide range of various tourist attractions. Whether you plan to explore it alone or do it with your family, you can rest assured that nobody will have a chance to get bored.

Only a few activities can feel as good as exploring exciting places and trying something new. Kentucky offers excellent attractions suitable for people of all ages, and you’re about to get seven fantastic recommendations for your trip. If you want to get inspired, keep on reading!

Play the Lottery

Whether you’re just going on a trip to Kentucky or you’re a resident, you may be tempted to test your luck and buy a lottery ticket or research which scratch offs are worth playing. We guarantee you’ll get that adrenaline rush while anxiously waiting for KY Powerball results! You can also play online and on mobile apps, which is ever so convenient. Another perk? In Kentucky, lottery winners may remain anonymous.

Go on a Nature Retreat

Kentucky is a landlocked state, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to unwind on a beach and go for a swim. There are 8 state parks in Kentucky with public beaches open for visitors. If you’re looking for a family-friendly location, consider going to Barren River Lake with its amazing scenery, clean campgrounds, beautiful lodges, and charming cottages. You could also go to Golden Pond, a 170,000-acre National Recreation Area, where you can try boating, lake tubing, or explore it from its 180-miles-long biking trails.

Experience a Wild West Adventure

Here’s another family-friendly activity. This time, you’ll have the opportunity to travel back in time, into the glorious days of the Old West. There’s an age-friendly attraction at Froggetts Guntown Mountain in Cave City that will make you relive your childhood memories and let your children become cowboys for a good couple of hours.

From can-can shows to gunfight reenactments, a visit to a haunted house, and a session at a mini-golf course, you can get into the spirit of the Wild West era. Your kids will make unforgettable memories, and who knows, maybe this authentic yet nostalgic setting will prompt you to go down your memory lane as well.

Explore the Mammoth Cave

Following your little outdoor adventure, you simply can’t miss the Mammoth Cave National Park. There, you’ll have a unique chance to explore the world’s longest cave – the Mammoth Cave. It’s 405 miles long, and during the season, you can go on 9 tours and visit different parts of this underground wonder. Many visitors can’t stop talking about the most decorative areas, and the pictures you can find online speak for themselves. Your family might also love this idea – after all, this experience is truly one of a kind.

Enjoy the Food

Many people dream about eating the world-famous fried chicken in Kentucky. If you’re about to visit this state, it should be high on your bucket list! You can try some restaurants with a good reputation, frequently attended by tourists and locals alike. You can also go to the roots – Shelbyville, Kentucky, a city located around 32 miles away from Louisville.

Don’t forget about other great dishes you can try in Kentucky, such as barbecue or Nashville’s hot chicken. And, if hotel cocktails or drinks from the minibar are not enough for you, visit a bourbon distillery. Just remember that everything tastes better when approached with moderation!

Visit the Kentucky Derby Museum

Nowadays, horse racing may not be as popular as baseball or football. However, the Kentucky Derby is arguably the most famous horse racing event of all times – and it has a dedicated museum located in Louisville, Kentucky. In this Churchill Downs venue, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this exciting sport in a modern, interactive way. There are guided tours, movie clips, interesting exhibits, and a 360-degree movie depicting past races. It feels as if you were there yourself!

Come See the Animals

Going to a zoo or an aquarium is a great family activity. Your kids will be so excited to see all kinds of animals! Some of the most famous establishments to see in Kentucky include the Kentucky Adventure Zoo and the Newport Aquarium. In the first one, your children will have the opportunity to feed kangaroos and exotic birds. In the Newport Aquarium, they will be able to admire various fascinating species and learn about aquatic wildlife.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many exciting things to do in Kentucky. Whether you live in this state or you’re just a visitor, you won’t get bored! It doesn’t matter how much time you have. There are activities suitable for people of all ages, perfect for any kind of stay.

Remember to check the state’s safety regulations and act accordingly. It’s possible that during these difficult times, you won’t be able to see all the places you’d like to visit. Don’t worry, though! You’ll have plenty of activities to do, both indoors and outdoors. Wake up your inner explorer, but above all, stay safe.

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