7 Factors to Consider Before Getting Tinted Car Windows


Tinting your car windshield can block roughly 43% of the heat from sunlight and 99% of UV rays. With so many rumored positives, you may have thought about whether tinted car windows are right for you.

What are the benefits of tinted vehicle windows? What are some things you should keep in mind while deciding to do it? Do you want to learn about auto window tinting? We are right here to let you know about auto window tinting.

Keep reading for seven factors to consider before scheduling your window tint. 

1. Driving Visibility

Depending on how light or dark you tint your windows, your windshield could let in too much light or not enough.

Tinted windows help filter the light to reduce glares that put a strain on your eyes, making it safer to drive. But be careful not to tint your windows too dark, as this can make it harder to see at night or in inclement weather.

2. Local Tinting Laws

Every state has different laws regarding tinted vehicle windows. 

Depending on where you live, tinting your windows too dark can result in a ticket. And there are also different rules for different windows, such as your back window being darker than your windshield. Check your local tinting laws to help figure out what type of window tint to choose. 

3. Quality of Tint Job

A great window tint should last about ten years. But due to normal wear and tear, it may start to fade or peel off.

How often your car is in the sun will affect how quickly the tint job fades. If you live somewhere sunny or your car sits outside a lot, the tinting will likely need to be replaced sooner. 

4. Price Options

Just like with buying a car, it’s necessary to do some research ahead of time to find the best price when it comes to tinted window options. 

Compare multiple tinting companies to find one you’d like to use. Make sure to read their reviews and pick someone reliable and experienced like Luxury Image at https://www.luxuryimageinc.com/mobile-tint-service.html for the best results.  

5. Health Advantages

Blocking sunlight isn’t only good for your eyes, it can help your skin too.

Exposure to UV light can damage your skin, leading to wrinkles, signs of aging, and even skin cancer. With car windows that are tinted, your skin is better protected (especially if you drive often!). 

6. Tint Options

There are several different tint options, from ceramic tint to carbon tint, metallic tint to dyed tint. 

If you’re not sure what kind of window tint is right for you and your vehicle, a professional can offer you helpful advice. They’ll help you choose a tint that’s the ideal price, color, and adhesion for your car. 

7. Protection of Interior

Similar to how a tint job can help protect your skin, it can protect your car’s interior as well.

It’s natural for exposure to sunlight to cause the interior to fade or crack. By choosing tinted windows, you can prolong the life of your upholstery and paneling.

Decide If Tinted Car Windows Are Right for You

There are lots of advantages to tinted car windows, but whether they’re the right choice for your car is something only you can decide. 

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