8 Best GBA Racing Games of All time

Racing games are some of the favorites of gamers out there. Whether you are a mobile phone user or stick to your PC to enjoy some of the best games for fun, entertainment, or as a hobby, the racing category is always there on top.

Game Boy Advance introduced us to this category way before the advent of touch screen phones. Now that we have ROMs to bring these vintage sports to our smartphones, we cannot miss out on what is the best to offer on this platform.

So here we are with the list of eight best GBA racing games that won the hearts of Nintendo fans and people still want to play them with the help of ROMs on their touch screens in this era. Let’s check them out without any delay.

1. Mario Kart: Super Circuit

This is, as the name suggests, a high-speed four-wheeler Kart race with your favorite Mario. Here you can use the characters Luigi, Peach, Mario, Bowser, and other characters, to have fun. You don’t have to worry, here you have got the driving license after the real driving test.

In Mario Kart you will have some awesome soundtracks with some unique sound effects that are specific to the personality you build in the game. Coupled with a clear presentation, Mario Kart becomes memorable for the players.

2. Moto Racer Advance

How good are you at powerslides? Check your level by trying a lap in Moto Racer Advance. A true motocross that challenges you in all sorts of terrains to test your skills.

The real task here is to keep your speed constant despite all the obstacles coming your way. Maintain balance and adapt fast to the changing terrain, if what you want is the win.

If speed is what you are looking for in a race, here you will get what you want. With progressing difficulty, the development of skills is what ensures your ability to move to the next.

3. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

In this gameplay, brace yourself in the cockpit of a low gravity hovercraft to race in a world that is super futuristic when compared with the initial versions of F-Zero.

The players are punished for the collision with the collision bar. You will explode if you hit a wall or any other racer in the game. Supported by improved graphics and settings that give it a look of the future, you are up for a wonderful experience.

4. Rock ‘N Roll Racing

Sync your heartbeat to the anthem and call all the courage to the fore, because it is time to face your enemy, who if given a slight opportunity will exterminate you, without giving you any chance to survive.

The name comes from the fact that the gameplay offers a Rock n Roll track with a namesake experience in-built in this arcade game.

Unlock the next level and better equip yourself by unlocking formidable weapons for your vehicle. You can play solo or get to join in the fun with your friends. The choice is yours.

5. Colin McRae Rally 2.0

Want to feel what the newest car experience is? Find it here on Colin McRae Rally 2.0, from the famous Codemaster himself.

Find a place for yourself in this rally on various surfaces. Can you handle the changes to prove your mettle? The track will trick you through various changes in its surface. Adapt quick or find yourself sitting on the fence.

One of the best GBA racing games with stunning graphics and challenging levels, this is one of a type that you will not like to stop playing.

6. Racing Gears Advance

Playing games on GBA and yearning for some of the hottest car models which were not previously available on the platform, this time is over with the release of Racing Gear Advance. This is a fast-paced racing game where you can drive different supercars coming from across the world.

Get ready to pick weapons of destruction along the track simply by upgrading your vehicle on time. Join the fun with friends or go solo, both options are available for you to check.

With the introduction of isometric view, the gamers can enjoy a nice view of the whole gameplay as they zoom through the crowd, full of surprises around the corner.

7. GT Advance Championship Racing

Hone our driving abilities with GT Advance. For this championship, you will have to travel the world. Fire up the engine, it is time to explore the world.

In GT Advance you can pick from a whole crowd of cars with as many tracks to test your wheel handling. There are 48 licensed cars with 32 tracks.

With eye-catching graphics and a great list of options, if you are a GBA racing maniac, this is a must-have game for you.

8. Konami Krazy Racers

Select Dracula of Castlevania or Ninja of Metal Gear Solid in this Konami Krazy racing game and rush to finish the line before others.

In total there are sixteen tracks in this Krazy Racers where you can jump in after choosing your favorite character. With attractive graphics and soundtracks that stick in your memory, it is time to enjoy and have some fun.

Final Words

GBA racing is one of the most famous categories of Game Boy Advance. Here we have listed some that you can also enjoy on your mobile phone with the introduction of ROMs. Check them out and tell us which one is your favorite.